The Story of My First Chess Tournament (spoiler: FAIL)

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  1. I find it interesting that all the women on youtube doing chess videos are attractive?? This GoldDustTori has a strippers name?? And she has her titts hanging out; she does the cleavage thing in many of her videos?? Guys since when did women need to only be sexy to love chess??? This is only to soften the female take over..Simps don't see it coming??Guys this how women will take over chess just like feminist have takened other men's spaces.. The ole cleavage and short skirts in the door technique… A woman got a video up and the caption reads.."play for a date " and a sexy woman pictured?? Isn't this selling sex? Women offering their body to get training from a GM or IM?? They sat next to their male superiors smiling and laughing every 30 seconds??Eric Rosen one of my favorite teachers, is losing by giving time and a piece odds to women?? And another Indian GM is playing blindfold, Eric played blindfold and won on time but lost on the board badly…These women will use these wins at odds to brag about kicking your ass while gaining the mental edge over y'all?? WTF are y"all doing fellas. Most of these women would not have dinner with these FMs , GMs even if it was paid for at a 5 star resturant if there wasn't more than dinner that was free..Simps be ware…Look out guys they are here using sex appeal to disarm and use men; learn from men at no cost..Ask yourself where are the fat girls, ugly girls, stud gay girls, short hair manly looking girls?? all women playing chess are sexy?? Ugly ones not ever shown; either the corporations are forcing the IMs, FMs, GMs to make videos featuring sexy women or paying them; either way the women will be allowed to jump pass men very soon.. they will change the rules, change the setting to favor a woman's taste, make GMs give free training, and soon sexual accusations sexual misconduct rumors from these women will be an everyday thing.. These poor male trainers and GMs are about to get literally and figuratively fucked by the female dominated legal system and femaled dominated media…Corporations will pay for women's training, travel, time off requests for kids, family emergences, more support staff, more paid sponsors..Feminist are like terminators..they will not stop…Wake up dudes..

  2. Cool. I would have resigned on move 1. GoldDust Tori … 🙂

  3. Jeez that would be a tough wait having to go pee omg I remember when you talked about this back then it was super hype on your twitch

  4. I stumbled into this video by accident and im so glad I did, thas hilarious, you’re so funny!

  5. I'm waiting for the Coco Rematch. Winner gets Gucci Skittles; taste the rainbow 🌈

  6. I actually laughed at, “And the reason why I don’t like this move, is because I know you’re not supposed to play it now.” I have this issue with many moves.

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