The very first game between Vishy Anand and Praggnanandhaa | Commentary by Sagar Shah

Praggnanandhaa, one of the biggest talents in Indian chess, took on Vishy Anand in the Tata Steel Championships 2018. The youngster is just 13 years old. This was the first time that Anand and Praggnanandhaa had played against each other. The original video has over 10 million views (). In this video we bring you the battle along with commentary by IM Sagar Shah that helps you to understand the key moments and also enjoy this epic clash.

Video: ChessBase India
Commentary: Sagar Shah

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  1. உலகில் சதுரங்க விளையாட்டின்
    முதல் நிலை வீரர் மற்றும் இரண்டாம் நிலை வீரர்

  2. For some people misunderstanding that is pawn not p*rn

  3. 3 :09 he can take the rook and there is a checkmate 💀

  4. Don't understand why king dint take knight where was the check mate if king took night

  5. Legends never play ,if they play then there will be no legends left 😂

  6. Two ppl making india proud 🙌🏼❤❤❤

  7. Mid game it looked like Vishy sir was winning but pragg's defence was excellent, even at that age

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