The World Chess Champion Is Missing.

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  1. What was Ding's estimated elo that game?

  2. Nah, Levy's sour for saying baseball ain't a real sport. It's like chess at 90 miles an hour.

  3. My dad plays ping pong which is mostly popular in China, the a lot of Chinese players quits the game when they achieve world champion and I think that's what happened to Ding

  4. He has either a burnout or the chinese communist government got his ass.

  5. "Ladies and gentlemen"
    Do ladies watch chess?

  6. First off, not a baseball fan. That said, hearing a chess commentator saying that baseball isn’t a real sport is a lot like listening to Steven Seagal criticize literally ANY form of martial art.

    No wait, it’s like Steven Seagal talking down about literally any blues guitarist.

    No, wait…it’s like Steven Seagal talking about any runner’s form

    Steven Seagal and sharpie hairlines?

    Got that, Machida-Kun? 😂

    Just kidding witcha

  7. I love ding bro but the WORLD CHESS CHAMPION losing to Wang Hao who is in and out retirement is wild

  8. "Unspecified illness" means he has long covid. The disease nobody on the planet wants to talk about.

  9. His name is pronounced Bai Jinshi! Jinshi Bai would make his name sound like “failure/loser”. 😂

  10. @GothamChess can i ask if the book is available also in italian

  11. “After Milking Magnus
    it’s now time to dinner ding “

  12. Will ding play with Magnus in Tata steel?

  13. no indian names are not written last name first

  14. I honestly was never thought Ding was that good when compared to the higher ranks in chess. I honestly feel Ding won because Ian got in his own head. It was too stressful for Ian (I mean look at the man when he realized he had lost). I hope if all the top players stop doing this classical format then it will force the powers that be to change the classical format.


  16. My guess is that he probably said something about CCP and is now in concentration camp

  17. Tired of the clickbait. I know it's the algorithm and you're just playing the game but damn.

  18. The man got what he wanted and was just like "Peace." And disapeared.

  19. is it just me or does ding liren give off Tal vibes

  20. Holy cow. That game is actually insane. What a thing of pure beauty!

  21. Start of the video: ok, Just Levi being levi and overhyping things like usual. Me at the end of the first game OMFG THAT WAS NOT OVERHYPE FFS MAGNUS IS A TODDLER AGAINST THIS GUY

  22. If I accidentally won the classical title I would secretly retire to a pleasant tropical island for coconut shy.

  23. Incredible – pretty much as good as carlsen in this game?

  24. It appears Ding upset the CCP. let's not pussyfoot around it.

  25. China disappeared him. Why? Xi doesn't need a reason. China is not very nice.

  26. That was one of fascinating games I've ever seen. A la Nezhmetdinov, it was his spirit which was present in this game.

  27. 4:00 get outa here man. Baseball is most definitely a real sport. You call yourself a New Yorker???

  28. Are you trolling baseball fans? Because Baseball is not as physically demanding as other sports but it is definitely harder to hit a 95 mph baseball than to shoot a basketball…

  29. The Duo Lingo Owl staring half hidden is both the most beautiful and uncanny thing to discover in the background 🦉

  30. That’s some Tal kind of sacrificing. Nice game.

  31. For a chess player who calls chess a sport to mention baseball followed by a quick “which is not a real sport” is so brutal 😂

  32. This whole situation shows how poorly organised is chess. The problem is not Ding, but the lack of organisation, sponsors , media coverage, and most importantly tournaments which attract spectators!!

    I was recently in world rapid team champion in Düsseldorf and
    1) you had to queue to be scanned?! Wtf
    2) you could only watch 1 or 2 games from the 50+ going (if you are tall enough)
    3) you could not talk to anyone or you would be booted out.

    How do you expect any future if you can't make the top players available to the people?!

  33. After that incredible game, Ding thought:"i'm gonna quit"

  34. Uh oh…is this 1972? A world chess champion has vanished again?!

  35. FIDE has succeeded in making the WC title more or less uninteresting. That´s quite an achievement!

  36. The white kings's spiritual journey did not work

  37. I think it bears mentioning that the Chinese government can erase people. There were almost 100,000 protesters a year ago holding up blank pieces of paper. Nobody knows what happened to them.

  38. Ding please, please, please, contact someone, anyone just to let us know you are okay.
    From your fan/supporter from India 🙏

  39. What happened to Ding Liren?
    Nice title. Then you make me listen until 5:45 just to hear you say "I don't know what's going on" and start going over games. That's not what I signed up for. Clickbaiter.

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