The World Chess Championship Drama

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  1. Nothing beats the 04 Red Sox ALCS to WS comeback / win. Nothing.

  2. I think magnus gave up the world championship because he got tired of beating nepo

  3. bro WTF was going on Hikaru vs Ling game, not even Stockfish understand it

  4. Ding Liren's story will transcend time. Lesson for all of us, even when it's not going our way, never relent because victory is always by the corner waiting for who will endure the most.
    Congratulations GM Ding Liren.

  5. too much hype, too much repetition, too much drama, tone it down and gg wp

  6. What a wonderful retelling of the story! Thank you and well done Levy.

  7. Unfortunately his entire run was completely marred by the fact he wasn't playing against the best player in the world.

  8. Levy, you are a brave person. You can sacrifice the rook. You can call it what it is, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, attempted genocide against a peaceful people, and slow genocide of ethnic minorities in Russia

  9. This was one of the best videos I’ve seen from Levi in awhile

  10. why don't you cover Superbet Chess Classic?

  11. This story is exactly why I was rooting for Ding the whole way through the WC Match! King Ding ftw

  12. “Russian operations in Ukraine”, huh? Oh right, Russians are not allowed to call the war “the war”.

  13. Hey Levi you forgot to mention that Dings prep got leaked and Nempo made a comment about it after game 10. Even more impressive that Ding had to call an audible for the rest of the championship.

  14. My goodness what a pathetic stretch… a Ding comeback??? That’s the story we trying pull?

    Magnus didn’t play that’s the controversy. End of story. Nothing else.

    Ding being “World champion” means little to nothing to anyone.

  15. There should definitely be a movie from how ding became a world champion

  16. Ding Liren is the Charles Oliviera of Chess. If anyone is a UFC fan you’ll appreciate that.

    The 🐐

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