The World’s Biggest Chess Tournament Got Crazy…

[Streamed Live on August 28th, 2022]

In this VOD, Ludwig hosted his chess tournament.

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0:00 Talking with chat
21:35 The chess tournament
2:18:04 React Andy

Original VOD: (most is gone sorry)

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  1. Sykuno is so trash man should go back to doing his camboy streams

  2. 46:23 this whole game they think Peter is black & they even go over the end of it together & never realize they’re talking about it reversed

  3. these are the type of vods that i love. Chat keep spamming balls

  4. dude i wish they would commentate the game instead of talking about their grandmas

  5. I woke at 4:35am (because I live Britain ) so I can see how things were doing.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. I am 6'1", 140lbs, and I'm 99% sure I could kick the asses of every seven-year old on the planet at once. I mean, once the first few are legitimately hurt and the other several hundred million realize it isn't a fun game, it's pretty much over.

  7. Ngl, the "So I got a fat ass" title combo'd with the thumbnail pic is probably all time favorite lol

  8. Also insane that Lud and the gang have to deal with swatting and that whole bs 😞 them having to deal with it is so awful and I wish I could see the rest of the tournament… and sorry to Jackie Chan for almost getting taken out by some cop

  9. Does anyone know if they finished the chess tournament? I’m not up to date

  10. Is this proof that Hikaru's influence was not a good one on beginners lol? Or maybe expecting Sykkuno to not troll was the mistake.

  11. Sykkuno saying it was his first win in chess… ever….

    The dude should try bullet, he might legitimately be 1000 rated when only playing against people who also have 1 minute on the clock

  12. My favorite part about the Sykkuno plays are how many times people go "wtf?!" Like they have NO idea what's happening or what goes through Sykkuno's brain and that makes me so giddy LOL

  13. Congrats for the fun event! Sorry about the SWAT, hopefully they brag to someone and get caught. Should be charged with attempted murder.

  14. Man's knows code geass? Wtf that's awesome

  15. Sykuno is litterally the definition of throwing for content

  16. oh wow, i missed this whole thing, since not many people actually streamed it.
    rae played mad chess, if the rating is true, she shouldnt be able to made those brilliant moves. the eval bar definitely helps alot, so when she saw the eval bar indicating there's something huge, like mate in 3 or 2. she immediately try to find it, so in a sense, its like playing puzzle rush. and you know what guys? the girl has talent. for real.

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