The worst chess tournament of my life


0:00 Intro
1:20 Game 1
6:15 Game 2
10:40 Game 3
14:45 Game 4
19:20 Game 5
23:40 Game 6

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  1. You are always going to be my no.1 favorite chess channel

  2. Why would I write something nice when something dumb or mean is gonna get a pin? 👀

  3. Heads up bro … I love you content and you play extremely good chess! And losing is part of the game. And 99% here should only laugh with you but not about! Keep going!

  4. You know he's sad when he says "put pressure on the pinned piece" instead of pp on the pp. Still love the content tho!

  5. All have bad days Levy!!! Still the best watch by far!,,

  6. My man still the best chess youtuber, maybe not in skill but in… Content. Did you think I was gonna say heart or something?

  7. I"m struggling to get above 900, played a near-perfect opening this afternoon with a fried liver attack, went up by 9 points, blundered away my rook and lost. A strong margarita fixed everything.

  8. pleased to hear your rating goes up and down a lot. I got to a modest 1751 and am currently 1680 and my dream is to sustain something around 1800. Not sure if my brain can achieve that but fun trying. thanks as always.

  9. I'm a chess noob and idc about your performance. I just like watching you because your real and make chess entertaining.

  10. Chess is about personal growth and fun… to me you helped me appreciate the game…

  11. levy when blunder :
    I'm Kevin durant, michael jordan, Shaq O'neal, Jesus Christ, Christiano ronaldo, Messi

    Levy when subscriber blunder:
    Just quit chess you have no talent in this game

  12. Thank you Gotham for this first game with hung queen. As I struggle in blitz around 850-900 ELO and recently lost 5 games in a row, I needed to see this game badly. I'm on the verge of giving up the fight for higher rating and starting to play crazy stuff and don't mind the points.

  13. ‘Tilted Tuesday’:the clue is in the name.

  14. bad tournaments happen from time to time… gg go next

  15. Levy, i really like your content and the basketball references, but Klay was two shy of a 39pt quarter 😬😬

  16. We watch you because you’re human. We could always look up Stockfish’s best move if that’s all we cared about.


  17. 2:24 Levy:"It's also the best move in the position"
    Engine: …
    Me:Wait What

  18. Still pretty decently interesting games, unlike some super GM games, which are boring (many draws 🤷), only a few interesting ones lol

  19. You’re still awesome brew! Much love to you…I watched this tonight after studying nonstop for some time, then losing 2 matches to stupid mistakes after winning 10 out of 12 matches and really hating myself for it. I’m nowhere near your level, but it still hurts! Hang in there bud, you’re the man!

  20. This makes me feel better after being a rating of 1200+ to 1177 …

  21. But your titles are becoming more and more clickbaity…. You didn't lose ALL your games on Titled Tuesday. So it's just wrong info

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