This was PURE GENIUS | Magnus Carlsen vs Praggnanandhaa | Norway Chess 2024 Armageddon

Magnus Carlsen lost his first classical encounter to Praggnanandhaa at the Norway Chess 2024. In the 8th round they were pitted against each other once again. After a draw in the classical game, they faced off in the Armageddon. Carlsen had the white pieces and 10 minutes, while Praggnanandhaa had 7 minutes and draw odds. Check out this amazing battle which has such instructive moments with the commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. at 17:53 could Prag not take on e6 sacrificing his bishop pushing for a draw??

  2. Magnus showing us why he’s the goat 🐐

  3. Sagar's commentary @2:26 made me laugh and fall to the ground😄 Praggs Bishop slightly looking in the direction of nothing…

  4. Bro …im the indian support 🗿👿🔥 pragg

  5. Pragg is wonderful…love from pakistan….

  6. Magnus chess goat for a reason, kudos to pragg

  7. The boy got taken back to school by his master

  8. Please could you make the players' chessboard look better in the frame and stop messing up the moves you elucubrate (are a distraction) on the other board you inserted them in the frame and report only the half-moves of the players?
    Thank you very much

  9. You could literally see when Magnus knew he won.

  10. Great analysis! Greetings from new subscriber in Norway 💪👍☝️

  11. Pragg is super sharp! Very much a candidate for the next king of chess!

  12. Bro tu itna janta hai to pragg ki jagah tujhe hona chahiye tha 😂

  13. Not a chess expert, why did magnus had more time than pragg in the timer to start with??

  14. Plz any one explain, who win this match am got confused.

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