Thrilling Final Game that made Levon Aronian the Champion of the WR Chess Masters 2023

Watch the thrilling tiebreaker match between Levon Aronian and D. Gukesh at the WR Chess Masters 2023. Despite a challenging start where Gukesh held a slight advantage, the game took a dramatic turn after a crucial blunder, leading to an exciting victory for Aronian and his crowning as the WR Chess Masters Champion.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Hearing that laugh is going to be Gukesh’s Joker moment

  2. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio says:

    wish I knew about you earlier..

  3. Harusnya sudah menang dari tadi tinggal benteng kali gajah. . Levon permainannya seperti kelas warung kopi..

  4. 5:46

    Kc1 was final blunder. Ke1 would hold, but if you have only 3 seconds on clock you have to play by your instincts and experience. Aronian is very experienced player, he saw right away his chance how to take white pawn without sacrificing anything. Exchange + pawn is easily converted on this very high level. To win rook vs bishop would have been very hard , almost mission impossible

  5. gukesh is an absolute beast and champion, cant wait until the young prodigies start winning super tournaments and eventually make their way to the wc cycle <3

  6. What a bullllshiitttt laugh!!?? There is a karma will come from you someday…..

  7. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    6:47 Levon plays connect 3 on the dark squares and wins. Good job Levon! You make Jews, Armenians and Americans proud!

    Rip Arianne Caoili.


  8. Wonder why would they make the players this way where both their playing hands are far away from the clock..

  9. amazing how both top GM's had no clue about resulting endgame

  10. White King has to go the right side of the board and stay within f-h flie below 3rd rank

  11. then it,s theoretical draw instead Gukesh moved to the left with his king

  12. and Aronian had no clue what to do if it was winning

  13. whoever can, could, may, might become a WC is okay. This game shows the mettle of the armenian " how many times he would have been in the black side of the Ruy lopez, making it a nothing harm, diluted and effected a way for black.

  14. Both Aronian and Nepo enjoyed an Indian guy losing because they hate Indians. This was evident after their comment after the online Olympiad controversies.

  15. Very disgusting behavior to laugh loud like that. I wonder who that is ⁉️

  16. Who puts the result of the game in the title? Twonk.

  17. Gukesh will be the first to reach candidates tournament among the Indian youngsters!

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