Thunderhorse I Warzone Chess Tournament [12]


This is a chess tournament (Thunderhorse I) I competed in on while livestreaming on .Time controls are 1 minute per player, with a time and position handicap.


  1. I am almost embarrassed how much fun I find these, and Sf he starts with a disadvantage in material and time because he is the bomb diggity booty smack.

  2. "I just got thunderhorsed"…lol…and all the other stuff you said…awesome vid

  3. So this is where the LEGENDARY SUPER SAIY– I mean, nona fries– came from.

  4. I don't play on chesscube….but my theory on the 'non-movers' is that some of them are secondary accounts of players in the tournament. The players have a primary account that they actually play with and try to win the tourney, and then they use the 'non-mover' secondary account to help stall everyone else. If they come up against the secondary account with their primary account, then they just quick resign with the secondary. That's the strategy I'd employ anyways if I were very cynical.

  5. Lol Jerry didn't realize he lost his game at 25:17. That Chess Cube Glitch

  6. 25:10 –> He wins on time but chesscube says he lost so he instead of gaining 20+ points he lost 2 🙁

  7. It makes me laugh every time you say "Lookin' for mates!"

  8. 12:27 Nona Fry For all those who came here to see what he was referencing to in all his games.

  9. Wanona Ryder. I think he played somebody with a similar sounding name, who burned up his clock…so he said, "I'm getting wanona Fried!" which turned into, nona fryer.

  10. Your Sound Makes my Feel Comfortable 🙂

  11. This is the thunderhorse….this is the Thunderhorse right here….and I am once again…without a horse here…;-)

    Quick resigner….even though I'm out a horse?

  12. one of the best episodes!! so clutch and jerry was on something this time

  13. Hey jerry if u want to avoid the non-movers, wait before you choose the double or resign option.. Play until they stop moving, then you can offer the double, and when they dont respond, it'll kick em off in seconds

  14. This is the classic nonafries video?

  15. god that was SO scary!! the nona_fries of the world were killin ya!

  16. When I first heard the term in a different video I heard "no-no fried"

  17. Who else is here in 2017 because of Bullet Arena Speed Chess Tournament [222]?

  18. It's 2018 and he's still saying nona fried for non movers. I'm so happy.

  19. lol! I was wondering where the term nona_fries came from. Thanks for the videos.

  20. Thank you to whoever added "Nona Fried" to Urban Dictionary and added a reference to this video. 😂 Been watching Jerry for awhile but never knew where the term came from.

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