Titled Tuesday Blitz Chess Tournament: Magnus Carlsen Dominates!

World Champion Magnus Carlsen leaves devastation in his wake as he wins the May Titled Tuesday by a record point margin! Carlsen’s blitz chess game is on point.

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  1. The comments section has decided to go full nintendo

  2. Hey that Fijian NM
    What are u doing???
    U making Fiji look bad

  3. Great energy Eric and wonderful commentary you were excellent!

  4. Eric's attitude about the two Assholes undermining the credibility of chess by screwing around for an extra 10 minutes making everyone wait-not just Magnus is really shitty. So much so that I've lost a great deal of respect for him. Why encourage that unprofessional behavior? And why defend it by mumbling about the 50- move rule? Those pawns had nothing to do with the poor decision to dick around. Would you like this crap happening every round for the 10 rounds of Titled Tuesday? Especially if you were playing in it? How long before the best and most professional players say "Fuck it, why should I bother playing?" I'll just chalk your poor position regarding this issue to youthful exuberance. Do you think they'd pull this bullshit in public in an over-the-board tournament? Of course NOT!!!!

  5. Este titled es vale oro, tener a magnus jugando no es algo q sucede todos los días

  6. Magnus' game against Itturizaga was certainly the highlight here. Neither player made obvious blunders, but black managed to increase the pressure very methodically.

  7. The guy playing against big mak was fucking hopeless habaha

  8. Lololol…. the cry baby Hicryu lost in round 1… hahahaha.

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