Playing the weekly chess tournament on chess.com where several Grandmasters participate.

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  1. Hikaru's experience of playing bullet online helped him win rhis but VD you played really good 👍🏽
    We want you to play more and more chess so that you increase your skill and rating..
    Good luck for your future ❤

  2. VD is just 🔥….

    World Championship is incomming….

  3. Ekdam mast chess khelo ho bhai.full fire performance ❤️

  4. Plz explain points system
    What what 34.75 at the end of

  5. Everyone :- VD gives everyone heart
    Let me check😂

  6. Vidit you should play more bullet with nihal and Arjun and then challenge Hikaru again!let's see then who wins

  7. Very proud of you vidit…. Keep going..

  8. VD is an World Champion he can beat anyone even Magnus Carlsen

  9. If he won against hikaru, then he would move been in the 1st place before the knock outs 😭😭

  10. Love you VD! Feel like your confidence and calm of playing while streaming has really increased after defeating Caruana on stream!
    great victories and hope you keep improving <3 <3 <3

  11. Can you put the playlist link in description pleaseee? I watch all streams start to finish but live streams don’t fit with my schedule these days..

    P.S Future Blitz world champion for sure

  12. How beautifully VD asks.. Do you mind if I get something to eat?..
    Gentleman ..❤♟

  13. the humblest captain ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Guys press Ctrl + W you will find yourself in a new world!!😁😁

  15. Pehle toh net issue nhi hota toh aur wo match atleast draw bhi ho jata toh you'd have been at #1. And Finals ka wo 2nd blitz draw nhi karna chahiye tha. Kya pata you'd have won that match. Still very well played.. :)❤

  16. Hey VD, just one request, please give links to all of the music playing during the stream
    or make a playlist of them and share it in description, I really liked the soothing music
    it would be very nice of you

  17. Why did the opponent play rc2 at 12:12. And vidit even guessed it. Like why, how?

  18. Vidit bhai last time I did a super chat asking if you could give us the link of your spotify playlist (the mellow songs)and you spammed it in chat but i could not open the link , could you please send it here? Maybe you can pin the link on this comment

  19. What was actually the thing which you said that you need official confirmation?!

  20. VD I am your big fan 😍😍
    I really learn a lot from you 🙂
    And finally close 1000 rating

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