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  1. Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for all the encouraging messages. I went through many of those & it feels so nice to see your support. I really appreciate that. I was just upset with my gameplay at that moment & I am a type of a person who despises losing games. I'm doing fine & will be streaming very soon, with even better games & content! Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. When you told you weren't at 100% in the beginning and also I think you were a bit distracted because of streaming. But, i know you are going to kill it very soon.. VD OP.. Your dedication makes you who you are and that is why you are just so amazing..

  3. 2:05:44 really hurts. That guy needs to be punished soon enough ! you looked tired its okay man, you are only human. You will do better next time !

  4. Dada extrensic motivation! Rise like the Phoenix! VD

  5. Did chat go rude at some point? Can someone please timestamp?

  6. Raunak did a lot better & came second.

  7. I can't even imagine how hard it must be for pro chess players to lose even a single match, also how superbly they recover, it's INSANE!!

  8. Even 'Garry Kasparov' once didn't see a beginner level 'mate in one' in one of his game. This doesn't mean he is a bad player, everybody has bad days and we should understand it rather than trolling someone.

  9. As compensation give us ur best next time which will be worth waiting.. feeling low won't take u anywhere

  10. I don't know if this helps I study medicine and there are times during exam and vivas the pressure gets me and i crack and cry . Just carry-on man we all have great potential

    And when you have hope and happiness you can utilize all of it


  11. We don't even care if you come 2nd or last. We will care if you are happy or not. Stay happy and healthy. Vd OP

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