TOURNAMENT CHESS GRIND | Round 4 | Cracow International Chess

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  1. Hammer and Alex is the chess team I like to see and hear.

  2. Hammer was proud of Alex showing tremendous personal growth in not overreaching, rightfully setting to preserve 18-game non-losing streak and Andrea for “big success” in 5-hour endgame!

  3. At 4:58:10 that's some exciting chess commentary, up there with "The Giants win the Pennant" !

  4. Hammer has a precious sense of humour and it is really funny to listen to his commentary. Moreover his chess remarks are also very good.

  5. Please always have Hammer. He's the best. I learn so much

  6. I like when Andrea asked Hammer about her mistakes and the strategy. It’s quite humbling and nice.

  7. Daddy Hammer is proud of you little Andrea. Whether you win or lose its always entertaining, although I prefer drama so I find it more entertaining when you lose. Daddy loves you but sometimes I enjoy watching you suffer from defeat. If your opponent is an old man or another female you have proven your odds of winning increase a lot. Lets pray for more old men since you're undefeated against them.

  8. Big momma Alexandra, you are obviously the superior student. You're a star, all you know how to do is win at everything you do and that gains my respect.

    Daddy is proud of you too. (although I probably jinxed you now and you'll lose tomorrow)

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