TOURNAMENT CHESS GRIND | Round 5 | Cracow International Chess

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  1. Alexandra: "I'm a 2010, you're a 1970, we're not the same".

  2. "Everyone says hammer is best at 1.5x on youtube" I'm sorry but I got you on 2x 😅

  3. Alexandra CFC is 22 and change not impressed sand bagging she should be playing up

  4. 5:08:38 🤣 i don't think she eat enough fish to know, thank you hammer for the help with the coverage of the ladies games!!!! go alexandra!!! go andrea!!!!

  5. I can't express how much do I learn listening to Hammer for hours.

    Great stream.

    Maurycy is a beast by the way, his opening wasn't great but he played so many 3500 elo moves at critical times. No doubt he can reach higher elos with the talent he has.

  6. So Alexandra started with 1 hour and 30 minutes and won the game with 1 hour and 39 minutes on the clock. How often do games end with a player having more time than they started with? Of course have 30 minutes added after move 40 helps, but still?????

  7. Why couldn't we rewind???? I hope you can fix that for the next round. I think its important to be able to se the past moves.

  8. 0:12 Andrea opening her mouth like a professional X Factor judge

  9. Alex won nicely remaining undefeated in last 19 game winning Iike Nepo (moving quickly) & Carlsen (prosecuting endgames). Meanwhile, Andrea played a “super interesting and exciting time scramble!”

  10. Which Boetz sister do you think is the prettiest?

  11. US also guilty of this genocide !! 😘🍭

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