Trying to Win a Chess Tournament with ONLY Gambits & Aggressive Openings

In this video, I play a 90-minute blitz chess Arena on and try to win it by only playing gambits and aggressive openings. Timestamps below!
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0:00 Anish Giri taught me this
6:33 Reverse Evan’s Gambit??!!
12:50 Scandinavian – Crushing the Tennison Gambit
18:00 Wing Gambit vs French
23:40 Weird Gambit vs Caro Kann
28:55 Ponziani TRAP leads to funny opposition mate
35:30 King’s Gambit Falkbeer Counter Gambit
40:25 Smith Morra Gambit leads to lots of sacrifices
45:28 Scandinavian leads to epic pawn storm
50:33 English Gambit. Goring Gambit. Ponziani!!!
52:18 Aggressive Petroff (making things up)
55:55 Scandinavian Gambit leads to insane sac attack
59:38 Tricky Schmid Defense
1:04:00 Grand Prix Attack FAST TRAP
1:06:12 Grand Prix Attack gets WILD
1:10:07 Budapest MOUSESLIP Gambit
1:14:28 Benoni Dutch MADNESS
1:21:15 Nc3 Sicilian leads to INTENSE Endgame
1:26:05 Aggressive Alekhine’s Defense leads to EPIC Finale

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  1. 1:10:19 The Rosen Variation of the Budapest Gambit was introduced in this tournament. It eventually wins a pawn by force…

  2. 1:17:02 How did neither player see the obvious 16.e8=Q+ Re8 17.Be8+ winning the exchange?

  3. At 16:59 Eric said "I could have been in a lot of trouble there" as he was missing Qf7 mate.
    At the end of the game he must of read it "did I miss mate in one?" BUT he could have forced mate several times after it missing mate in two several times even as his opponent knew and was trying to get away from the mate in two sacrificing all his pieces for the life of his king. How noble.

  4. That berserk streak at the end was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen on a chessboard! From straight up blundering pieces to suffocating mating attacks and a class Oh No My Queen moment 😂 So good 🙂

  5. 1:01:10 funny line Rd8 instead of a5 still threatening Bxa2 because if b3 Ba3 is mate 😅

  6. Fave game was def the Budapest mouseslip where you clawed victory from your opponent !!

  7. The first player offering a draw in a totally losing position was pretty gold.

  8. The opening on 1:18:00 the rooookkk I sometimes play, and honestly it works 9/10 times once taking the knights. Love it!

  9. "knight chilling on h7" Man i dont know why but to me, when eric speaks or whatever chess position im looking at, it almost seems like its some knight speaking to me. Or if not, the knights seem to give some kind of spirit to the position on a emotional level. Anyone else sharing this knightsperience?

  10. Favorite game for me was the last one even tho it didn't count towards the tournament lol. I was alrdy so hype at u pulling the win and then that endgame finish for ur last game was classy af xD

  11. Poor Blitzek, thought he had it in the bag. Eric never played him, but he's the one who ultimately got Berserked 😆

  12. 15:50 Mating? In MY kids-friendly YouTube chess match? Uncool! /j

  13. Hi, good tourment. I like the "THE ROOOOOKKKK" … ^^ Really nice.

  14. why do u fast forward ur moves great eric..makes us hard to se whats going on and i mean it in all respect and humility…..its just wtf moments

  15. 1:11:27 you hang your queen after Be6?? Block check or move and Rxh4… I saw it almost instantly when you moved the queen and I’m a 13 hundo

  16. I definitely like seeing Eric work is magic after accidentally dropping a piece with a mouse slip

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