UNBELIEVABLE Chess Tournament Game…

I am back competing at otb chess and I’m so excited!! I’m playing Rilton Elo, which is a tournament in Stockholm for people under 2200 and my goal is to win the whole thing 😀 this is the recap of round 2 – hope you enjoy!!

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  1. if you pressed the record button, how did the camera record the time before you hit record?

  2. I love your videos anna you're a beautiful person inside and out !

  3. Great commentary. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Nothing is "easy" if you have the "eye of the tiger"! Be mindful of your limitations & foibles so as not to distract yourself with fruitless plans. FREE

  5. Funny that I saw King F4 but with a fresh mind. And it looks dirty tbh moving the king to the front line.

  6. Great job Anna, your comments Your comments are serious and very educational, good work and success in the tournament.

  7. Qg6 was a bad move and you play so fast in that move WHY? the move before you use 25 min

  8. You must learn to ignore your opponents rating. Always assume you are playing an IM!

  9. As soon as the position arose, I was wondering about Nxe4 followed by Qg4 too, it looks so appealing: but I'd have needed way more time than you took to make myself happy enough to play it! Very brave to do so, Anna!

  10. Great video. I like that, win or lose, you're real with it.

  11. Nice game. I can't play tournament chess because I find it too stressful 🙂

    One thing I don't understand though. You say your camera was not one, but we can see the footage of you making the first move and then speaking to the arbiter. Was that a different camera?

  12. Nunca compites por España o has pensado en volver?

  13. Anna is by far the most wholesome chess youtuber out there

  14. Eres un ser de luz Anna. Una persona resiliente de que lo peorcico sacas lo mejor. Siempre con esa sonrisa en la boca. Y como psicólogo te digo que se te ve a leguas que eres una persona infinitamente sana, con la que cualquier persona se tiene que sentir afortunado de tratar.

    Mucha suerte Anna! Sigue así! Tanto en tu ajedrez como brindandonos esa luz que desbordas!

  15. Fascinating. Thanks for your commentary. In a totally different context I have realised that to fail at something I am competent at doing, reminds me to respect it. Is it similar for chess? That sometimes to loose to a weaker player is a good thing because the respect returns? Could it be that games such as this game are more memorable than 'straight forward' games? What are the most memorable games for you? What makes a game especially memorable for you?

    I'm trying to win against the Chess app on my Macbook. It beats me even on the easiest rating. I think I need to learn some openings.

  16. Hey Anna. I saw part of this game on the Extra channel. Your mother pointed out a move that would have ended the game, but apparently you wanted to play a few minutes longer. That's okay, if what you like is to enjoy playing and letting winning positions linger there's nothing wrong with that. Playing without knowing why would IMHO be the wrong thing. You play to enjoy, right?

  17. 😀 Sorry you couldn't capitalize on one or some other game changing and possible winning moves. This was hard for me to watch your commentary. You are cheerful in explaining moves you could have or wished you had done. But it's difficult to see that you didn't get the chance to execute them in certain occasions. I will try to watch the whole game with your mother's reactions to see if I would have had the same response to your moves as she good and not so good. Keep up the hard but great work in trying to achieve the goal to win a high position in the tournament. Your effort is very inspiring to those who play chess or strive to better themselves and excel in any art of their own interests in life. Thank you Anna. Good luck. 🐝

  18. Well done Anna. Your opponent was very good and your honest analysis of your good and bad moves is fascinating stuff. Best wishes for your next game.

  19. Dude, you always talk about how you love chess when you can play weirdly, but damn, why sacrifice a knight like that in a tournament you want to win? Nonono :((( Good luck in the remainder of the tournament! Cheering for you.

  20. Anna has to respect 1900s. She needs respect all opponents. Other wise rating won't go up. I think ratings are too high on line because there so many cheats. Having the reverse effect people who don't cheat. Giving false ratings.

  21. Definitely learned a few things. Thanks for the video.

  22. we want more!!! =)) thank you for all your games, and moms commentary.

  23. Chess is an attempt by two people, win, lose or draw, to mutually create something beautiful. ♟️

  24. Yes, to answer your question, it is in fact, “ solidify the pawn.”

  25. I can't stop laughing at your mum's reaction!😂 That was a wild game that swung back and forth. Play the position and don't worry about opponent's rating 😀

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