Unboxing the STUNNING $550 Official World Chess Championship Set and Giveaway!

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How the Knights are Hand-Carved (Business Insider):

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As a token of my appreciation, I want to give away one of the incredible World Chess Championship Sets (Walnut Edition) to a lucky subscriber! Here are the details:

🏆 PRIZE {Giveaway Closed}:
World Chess Championship Set (Walnut Edition):

Walnut Board Specifications:

– MDF covered with manually assembled high-quality walnut and maple veneer
– Square size is 5*5 cm
– Board overall size is 50*50 cm
– Light squares – Maple, Dark Squares – Walnut
– World Chess hexagon logo inlaid in wood on both sides.
– The board thickness is 3 cm
– It has an individual black bag with the World Chess logo. (Exclusively included with the new Walnut Set)

World Chess Championship Piece Specifications:

– Each set is hand-carved and hand-polished from the finest ebonized boxwood.
– FIDE Approved for Championship play
– Triple-weighted
– 3.75″ King
– Two extra Queens
– Bespoke storage box
– More piece information:

​Note: The World Chess Championship Set (Walnut Edition) is often confused with the board used in the Official FIDE World Chess Championship matches. The official FIDE ​championship ​board is the DGT electronic tournament board which runs at a very high price. The World Chess Championship Set (Walnut Edition) is designed as a home edition of the ​official FIDE ​championship board but without internal electronics.

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2:21 World Chess Pieces
2:54 10% Off Discount Code
3:36 Set Up
5:40 Disclaimer
9:45 Giveaway Information
12:30 Case for Chess Pieces
12:55 Enter the Giveaway!

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  1. This video is making me so excited, I'm from Nz and I'm getting this chess set in a short time from now, I'm also glad and thankful for the discount lol, also a great unboxing video!

  2. Welp, it might take me at least 6 months of savings to get this sets, but once I get it I'm sure it's will be worth it

  3. Me coming here and thinking I have a chance to win this, only to see the video is 4 months old, LOL!

  4. The chess pieces are made in India and the boards too ig, but if an Indian buys it he/she has to pay almost $500 for the same thing which was actually made in India which is pretty weird.

  5. Excellent quality chess set, but…these pieces seem a bit too large for that board. Still, nice though.

  6. Hello. is it an electronic board? if yes, what are the connection methods?

  7. What is the board called? Like what kind of board that doesnt fold and doesnt have a line in the middle of it

  8. I'm surprised that this chess set did not include a timer

  9. Hi, do you know why the official world chess premium set is way more expensive than some other ones?

  10. Congratulations from Honduras but i prefer the staunton for me the best

  11. nice set and board but I think you paid a lot for the brand

  12. Well I don’t like this set and Knights are ugly just my opinion.

  13. 'must have been stained' if its ebonized boxwood, if its ebony it doesn't need staining, surely

  14. 2 inch squares?? are very small. Pieces look hemmed in.
    My 4” Soviet set from 90’s is on 2.37” board and is perfect.
    2 inch are NOT fit for WC play.
    My opinion.

  15. Wow this set is really cool this is my favourite chess set i love all the pieces !

  16. I want to buy this set so bad but I never have anyone to play with IRL. Still want it just for me though . . .

  17. DO NOT BUY IT!!!

    I recently purchased this product and received it this week, shipped from England. I strongly advise against making this purchase.

    The board I received was damaged in the corner and the overall condition gave the impression of being second-hand. It was a far away from the beautiful appearance depicted in the website's videos and art photos.

    Moreover, the board bag shown in the 1:08 of this video was missing from my package. I am currently in contact with customer service to arrange an exchange.
    All in all, this has been a highly disappointing experience with this product.

    PS, the promote code of 10% discount works anyway.

  18. "It can affect the game" 😂😂😂

  19. This Is the most beautiful chess set if All, because of the knight wich us un harmony with the rest of the PIECES… But i see this set has to Nany little denys on Nany pieces 👍

  20. I’ve always wanted this set. Too bad I don’t have money for it. 😢

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