USCF Tournament Rules & Etiquette with NM Bryan Tillis

United States Chess Federation rules and tournament etiquette are explored from NM Bryan Tillis book: Become A Chess Champion Definitive Edition.

A complete copy of Become A Chess Champion Definitive Edition can be found here: our other texts are on Chessable here:


  1. very helpful, and I snagged your kindle book too, thanks!

  2. I’m a teacher, I loved the intercom announcement toward the end. Great informative video.

  3. This is very interesting stuff to know. I'm wanting to join a tournament but I don't really know where to even start as far as entry fees, signing up, and really just how to get started. I've never kept a scorecard, and just learned chess a few years ago playing online. It's weird when I play on a board have a little bit of trouble visualizing because I'm so used to online play as it is.

  4. What do you mean by(under USCF Time rule) "We suggest taking notation at least one move more than your opponent"? that doesn't seem to make sense, you can only notate moves when they happen.

  5. Running a chess competition at school thanks

  6. Won the first game in my tournament today in 12 moves extremely excited to play tomorrow

  7. One my second game in the tournament 13 moves hopping to win again tomorrow

  8. Half way to the championship and still undefeated

  9. How do you prove that if you go to the bathroom you don't have a phone on you

  10. Lol I’ve been practicing chess for about 5 months with passion, just to get 4 moved by a random 12 year old

  11. Won my grand final was a very quick match lasting all of 18 moves

  12. Got into chess as a junior in college. Thank you for the video. I’m excited to attend my first over the board tournament when the covid-19 pandemic is over.

  13. Thanks for this video. I have used this same material for decades now in my books, columns, and player workshops. I am glad to see I am not alone. –Tim Just

  14. cool tip to not be distracted by your opponent: wear a cap so you can just eliminate the distraction

  15. training to play in my guest otb in 3 months. thank you for this vid

  16. Have my first OTB tournament May 1st. Thanks for this.

  17. This was incredibly helpful! Thank you, Bryan. I'll use all this info for my first chess tournament in decades – it's coming up in a few weeks and is the Chicago Open. Plus, I'm studying heavily your Chessable courses on the French Defense & Queen's Gambit Declined as part of my prep. Thank you again for all the great help! (Oh, and I purchased your book mentioned in this video.)

  18. we’re fortunate that 5 world champions are alive at this moment in time!

  19. Using only one hand: for moving pieces, the clock, and taking notation?

  20. Been playing since like kindergarten and am about to go to my first (real) tournament Saturday. This is very helpful thanks

  21. And expect to take it up your as if you ever tangle with correspondence director Michael Buss

  22. Can I start my move before my opponent stopped his clock?

  23. Great information, thanks Bryan! About writing down your move after moving: I think this is a rule. I learned to do the opposite (to have the time for a last blunders check), but I think the rules changed to prevent cheating (small cameras).

  24. Its hard to imagine that cheating is a real issue in chess What is the motivation behind the victory of a cheater? IMO, Cheaters are obviously shortsighted, and for that very reason, is why they are not able to cut it in the first place.

  25. It's too bad somebody didn't apply rule #7 in Round 12 of the 2022 U.S. Chess Championship. Unless picking up your opponent's king is a legal move now…

  26. What happens when your opponent has a scorebook that allows him to see his previous game notations? What are the rules around this?
    Also, my opponents friend had walked over to watch our game. He was standing behind his friend for 6-7 moves and then walked around and stood behind me. I asked him to move several times but it was distracting. I guess I could have called the TD.

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