Vidit Gujrathi plays against World Champion Ding Liren | Tata Steel Masters 2024

Ding Liren makes a comeback to classical chess after a massive 250 day gap! GM Vidit Gujrathi was his opponent in round 1 of the Tata Steel Masters 2024. And this promised to be an exciting duel because Vidit is in good form and Ding would be a bit rusty as he was playing after many days. Check out the battle along with the analysis by IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Btw at 2:17 why not Queen A4 giving a check and picking up the bishop ??

  2. Sagar should use a green screen behind him, or at least make the background aesthetic

  3. A good approach to ask questions of Ding from the start considering he hadn't play a high-level OTB in a while.

  4. learn a lot of things form your videos, but can you please upload only chess games of tata steel (without your comment and your move) because my english is weak and i got confused

  5. Vidit knows he can beat the world champ!

  6. Tata steel is basically the candidates minus the Americans and Abasov. In fact, the winner of this might as well be world champion since Ding is also here

  7. Magnus is the world champion! and that's it. No but i hope Ding has a good year, and that he play games. it's not worthy of WC to stay home not playing games. i understand he had some mental issues. So i hope he can prove how good he is this year. And Vidit he is back in business, with all these great Indian chess prodigies coming up. that have taken his spotlight. he is back with a vengeance… or motivation.. That's maybe more accurate.

  8. My playing style is also similar to vidit,I often sacrifice my king👑

  9. Thank you so much for the coverage and the time to prepare it with chessranga! I love the interactive tests, it makes it much more like a lesson

  10. Am I the only one who watches Sagar Shah's video on 1.25x speed.?😁

  11. Is there not a live coverage like recently concluded FIDE tournament ?

  12. Sagar sir, we need more of these recaps. You had stopped making these recently.

  13. great idea with the website. still needs a lot of work though. It doesn't solve the solutions correctly and constantly falls back on old position. Love the initiative @ChessNase India

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