Viswanathan Anand Interview in the Johan Cruijff ArenA | Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2023

5-time World Champion Viswanathan Anand traveled to Wijk aan Zee as a special guest for the first 5 rounds of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. Watch as he speaks to Fiona during Chess on Tour in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

See you in Wijk aan Zee 💙.

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  1. Predrag is a chessgod! I immediately understood how he would knot Vishy''s tie.

  2. wow …u can see the fide deputy president talking!!

  3. Have to say ….Fioana is a greater interviewer!!

  4. Anyone seen Ding vs Erigasi match ???!!!

    Anand legend ✨

  5. pure class this man. Thanks for the interview.

  6. Vishy is class ! Great player; great ambassador of chess !!

  7. It seams he is sleeping while speaking. very nice to see him.

  8. Great player, one of the best of all times and a very nice person!

  9. Play Vishy !
    You are one of the handful bunch of people who can play with Magnus with an equal probability of winning on both sides. Gentleman ! 😇👍

  10. India’s Harry Potter enjoying some good chess being played in the tournament.

  11. Woah!! I may brave it once more! Those words were music to the ear any Vishy Anand fan!

  12. have an interview with the legend…he is not yet finished want to see him on the board surely.

  13. Always a pleasure to hear Vishy❤️..Vishy OP!!❤️

  14. Vishy looks amazing here. Anyone else think so? He looks 5-10 years younger. Leaner. Great skin. Shaped eyebrows other players could take a cue from. Dressed well. You look great Vishy! Miss you playing but at least you look good 🙂

  15. Isn't Vishy sir also the vice President of FIDE?
    CAN he still play in tournaments at will?

  16. He should definitely play it again . He is Top 10 in Classical Chess Currently . He deserves to play here on Current Merit as well, and not just as former World Champion .Vishy Anand is a Legend !!!!

  17. What an excellent mentor he is to the current generation of chess players from India. There is a very decent chance we might see a world champion from India again, in men and women. And this time with a much broader generation that can also win Olympiads. (they came so close in Chennai 2022)

  18. always a pleasure to watch his interviews, Thanks vishy to go down the memory lane 😀

  19. Vishy The King!! I do believe Vishy was eligible to play in Tata Steel 2023 but must had some other conflicting engagement…🤔😎

  20. GM Wiswanathan Anand is a gentleman of the best kind …. let's hope that he'll keep playing in competition … he's such a legend player … Thanks for all these nice game SIR … : ))

  21. there are so many ways i love this that i refuse to post a comment!

  22. His content is always sweet and short, and he speaks with great clarity

  23. If you don't know how old Anand is you would think he is 30.

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