Warzone Kings Chess Tournament [33]

This is a chess tournament (Warzone Kings) I competed in on chesscube.com while livestreaming on . Time controls are 1 minute per player, however with a time handicap they are adjusted according to both players’ ratings.



  1. i dont get this . i know how to play chess but the part i dont get is the jumping between games with out finishing it

  2. There is a timer and each piece has a certain number of points.If no one gets checkmate within the time limit, whoever has the pieces worth the most wins.

  3. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has any idea what's happening…

  4. Sorry bro, this is a chess channel, most people who are here know how to play chess haha

  5. A couple ways a game is considered finished is when a player resigns, and when one's clock (upper right) expires.

  6. which one has antonanton giving jerry the scholar's mate? I watched once, laughed a lot but forgot which one it was 🙁

  7. Cube Fanatics Warzone Chess Tournament [90]

  8. I think people should start posting their favorite game in each video that he plays.

  9. 17:02 u just throwin a house at me kitchen sink variation hahahahaha

  10. It was all in you winning the game where you blundered so. many. times. That was exciting, and hilarious.

  11. Cube Fanatics Warzone Chess Tournament 90… 24:18 "Anton Squared Me!"

  12. I have found it useful to see if you get the confetti at the end before I watch the tournament.  Easier on my nerves.

  13. 24:00-25:21 is just insane! 😀
    Pieces are hanging everywhere!
    Tropic rain of blunders.

  14. "Those pawns don't capture like that." Oh my gosh. This is hilarious.

  15. why is his connection so fast, whilst others lose seconds on every move??? 

  16. what is the name of the opining you playes plz?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

  17. lol, in the chat at the end CaparoT1 said "sigh, I actually beat chess_network". Poor guy was robbed

  18. Tournament should have high odds of pairing top point scoring players. It's silly how it's a race to see how many intermediates/beginners the 2k+ players can trounce.

  19. Only Jerry can be down 18 points in a game and still win.

  20. This is the most energized I've ever seen Jerry in these vids.

  21. This guy is so funny.  I'm not that big of a chess fan but this was especially entertaining.

  22. You mustve been really proud in those first few matches

  23. 5:50 how did your king and rook move the same time on the bottom row?

    hahahah xd

  25. "Those pawns don't capture like that" Jerry's commentary is killer!

  26. Jerry's enthusiasm is awesome, you must be an awesome person jerry-senpai

  27. At 4:23 Knight to Q4 wins a pawn with tempo on the rook and bishop. White's position collapses very quickly.

  28. Oh God, these videos are like vicarious-heroin! So good. The shenanigans at ~ 24:10 were priceless. I also love the pro NM tips "Don't drop your queen." post-game. 😀

  29. This is the shit I like. No stupid drawn arrows, just pure live speed of chess. Amazing. No ordinary stupid moves either.

  30. Jerry has done more for chess than all modern super-GMs combined
    these videos are friggin awesome

  31. This truly was the golden age of chess network great stuff .

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