Warzone Kings Chess Tournament [89]


This is a chess tournament (Warzone Kings) I competed in on chesscube.com while livestreaming on .Time controls are 1 minute per player, however with a time handicap they are adjusted according to both players’ ratings.


  1. So, the tournament started with everyone given only what? 25 or so minutes when it was supposed to be 30 and then mr_nutt guy got 24 games in that 25 minutes?

  2. Hard to believe… 1st place had 24 games…??

  3. No, the tournament started with 30 minutes.

  4. A picture of a knight with forks crossing it would be better 😀

  5. The opponent is throwing everything except the kitchen sink. ie. throwing (away) everything they possibly can.

  6. It's not 360 pixels, it's 360p. 360p means the picture is 360 pixels tall, by 640 pixels wide. Similarly, 720p is 720 pixels tall by 1280 pixels wide.

  7. is this the creepy crawler? I dont even know what that is, why am I saying that?

  8. For the record Jerry, you're right that opponents have a maximum of 15 seconds to respond to Doubling Cube requests. However, if someone has disconnected prior to the Doubling Cube request being sent, then traditional disconnection rules apply.

  9. Lots of resigns or pulled off like 6 fishers.

  10. What? Jerry! You have to go fishing! Fish to win!

  11. i was thought that u were on weed=)

  12. At 8:10 why didn't you simply took the bishop with your bishop, forking the rook and queen? instead of just backing up?? What am i missing , or did you?

  13. Have you ever played in harder tournaments Jerry?

  14. It's not a fork because the queen can recapture, he would simply be dropping the bishop.

  15. "Who's winning there? Who cares." This is too good.!

  16. indeed.. me and my stupid head thought white's queen was on h4…makes no sense when i look again.. Thx though

  17. Senor and MrGreen are exactly right. There's cheating going on somewhere there, ANSI think its starting to run rampant within the chesscube tournaments. Just another reason I hate playing there now.

  18. "Tricky…Tricky..Tricky Knights! There's even a guy named "Tricky Knights" in the chat!" Hahaha!

  19. Haha that's me! Thanks for the shout-out Jerry!

  20. Beating up bunnies, not so impressive. Take on Chessexplained or Kingskrusher and see how you joke

  21. Can anybody get together a compilation of all of the links of ALL of these tournaments? I keep jumping around and I know I haven't watched 98 of them. I keep thinking I've watched some of these before lmao. Are they in his channel videos list?

  22. Go complain somewhere else. You are not the one doing the work, putting in the time or the passion to entertain a couple of thousand of people. So just shut the hell up, read a chess book and go do this wonderfull stuff yourself. OR go watch chessexplained or Kingscrushers channel if you enjoy those more. But dont come here and piss us off when you are not doing anything yourself. So.. have a nice day and i hope i will never have to read your Sh_t again.

  23. Playlists:

    youtube (dot) com/user/ChessNetwork/videos?flow=grid&view=1

  24. Being the big man on the internet huh? Great way to express yourself.
    Maybe try to do that in real life, so you can get your but kicked. Maybe that would make you a tad less arrogant, and that would make the world a better place.
    PS: my oven works on electricity so The deep breathing doesn't work…

  25. So, when you lose you can't joke? Chess is a game. Of course he has made jokes after receiving beatings, you'd have to be pretty arrogant not to. Be a gentleman, and laugh it off.

  26. this'll have to do. thanks. I didnt realized hes got different names for the early ones.

  27. The game that started at 14:10 , vs me ( andrason1994) 🙂

  28. You can't just have magnus carlsen play for you and pretend like its you -_-

  29. 07:13 Man that rook is enormous! I want one of those.

  30. @23:35 couldn't you take pawn at C3 with your dark square bishop forking the rooks and be up a pawn and a rook?

  31. 4:30 "capture twards the center unless you have a good reason not to, i don't have a good reason not to" then he proceeds to capture twards the side completely ignoring what he just said 🙂

  32. 24:38
    The bishops will conquer the world.

  33. I'd murder a child for chess skills like these

  34. Jerry you had 3.9 sec when he offered you a draw .. youwould have deff.  accepted it if you would had the chance .but even then.. you won XD.. you very unbelievable 

  35. The real magic is how he can talk simultaneously and keep up the humor too. Amazing stuff, Jerry

  36. 4:36 "capture towards the center unless you have a good reason not to" – captures away from the center.

  37. How on God's green, flat earth did he win three games in the time it took you to play just one?

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