Watch Fabiano v Gukesh & Magnus v Alireza in the Battle of Prodigies | Norway Chess 2023 Round 7

The 2023 Norway Chess is an elite over-the-board tournament contested by top grandmasters Magnus Carlsen, Alireza Firouzja, Anish Giri, Wesley So, Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, and more! This year’s event features a kr$2,500,000 prize fund (roughly equivalent to $234,000) and takes place in Stavanger, Norway.

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  1. 4:25:06 Actually, after …f2, it's not over. Nf4+ leads to an amazing forced line with almost all only moves on both sides (!), a knight underpromotion for white , and many opportunities for it to go either way.4…f2 35.Nf4+ Kh7 36.Kg2 g3 37.Nd5(only move with choice (of knight moves, all different)) f4 38.c8=Q Rxc8 39.Bc7 Rh8 40.e6 Kg6 41.Nxf4+ Kg5 42.e7 Rh1 43.Nh3+ Kf6 e8=N+ Ke6 45.Nxf2 gxf2 46.Kxf2 Kd7 47.Ba5 Kxe8 …and black must still prove the win with rook vs. bishop and opposing pawns on a3 and a4.

  2. What is the bgm name in the beginning of the video

  3. Magnus purposely draws the classical game just so he can play Armageddon.

  4. Good commentator chemistry. They all pick up & run with what the others are saying & they all have a different perspective. Good combo

  5. Does anyone know the name of the Celtic sounding flute music played during breaks?

  6. Magnus is secretly preparing for Blitz tournament

  7. As a Magnus Stan I must say I'm quite troubled with the way Magnus is playing.

  8. Judit Polgar is so sharp as an analyst, it is stunning how fast she sees things. She is an impressive person to say the least. Greatest woman chess player in history by a country mile. I'm a fan

  9. Do we have any Romanian who play at the tournament?🙂

  10. Well, at least we know he's gotten his shorter time control skills back. His classical play is slowly coming but still not there, the eval was +2 when it was 14 mins for Magnus vs. 7 mins for Alireza, I thought for sure it was over, but… He's still got the rust. He should be extremely pissed his didn't win that classical, but also extremely happy Alireza didn't find the win at the end.

  11. Interesting point by Hikaru on the confessional booth being mandatory. I think it would help the game and broadcasts a lot. It is not a crazy thing to require. We see it in many other sports. The coaches in the NBA finals going on currently have mandatory interviews they do throughout a game. I would be super interested to hear from these top great players that just don't talk that much

  12. i've never seen magnus turn +4 into a losing position in classical !

  13. Is this Magnus' worst classical tournament performance? (Of course, this tournament isn't over yet)

  14. I hope the sleeping giant (Wesley So) has finally awaken. He’s been sleeping lately

  15. I know this is semi-ridiculous and even dumb, but how can Magnus be the goat if at near his peak-rating he can’t win a single game in classical chess in 7 straight tries including against some substantially lower rated players?

  16. Magnus in last is embarrassing dude lost his mojo

  17. no way for magnus to win guaranteed i think hikaru has a good chance of winning if not fabi

  18. A question, does the Armegeddon game count as classical for ratings?

  19. I guess i am the first person to comment for today..😂

  20. 3:16:35 it seems like Fabi didnt get a full second of time added there. It went from 1.7s to 2.0s

  21. fight all the woke nonsense out there people.. its not normal to have trans athletes… it is a distraction from real issues like poverty and hegemony from NATO, USA… It's time we came together to fight capitalism on all fronts…corporations think we're dumb and will use gender politics to distract… don't let them win and tear us apart…

  22. For god sake stop showing your precious magnus for a second to at least see resultative moments of other boards. What a bullshit broadcast on this tournament.

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