Watch Magnus, Ding, & Keymer Fight To Snatch #1 Spot From Rapport! GRENKE Chess Classic 2024 Rds 5-6

World no. 1 Magnus Carlsen and World Champion Ding Liren play the GRENKE Chess Classic, a 6-player event happening alongside an open with almost 3,000 players! Two rounds are played each game at a “fast-classical” time control of 45 minutes per player, with 10 seconds added per move. Watch the games:

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  1. Trent is better off playing than commentating.

  2. If I would have been one of the investor's in this event, I would have found a couple janitors to replace these two commentators within the first hour of day 1. This is the worst commentary for any event in the history of any sport. I love chess, but I'd rather just read about the results than sit through this.

  3. 1:39:14 "MVL has been France s no 1 for a couple of years now… Aczually that's not true. Alireza… " 😂😂

  4. Nightbot had done his work well
    Big fan of Nightbot 🖐️

  5. You have some of the best chess players in the world all playing at once and these guys can't stay on the topic of chess and the games for more than 30 seconds. They are making this event unbearable to watch.

  6. Grilled eel (unagi in Japan) is unbelievably delicious.

  7. Jan's overt love for Lawrence is overwhelming

  8. As mentioned before, Keymer will forever be psychologically damaged by Magnus.

  9. Ding will end up drawing all the way. As long as he does not loses, he is safe from criticism.

  10. I enjoyed the comments. At great duo

  11. Great chess, commentary, analysis, humour from two of the greats of chess24 😊

  12. Trent is pathetic, not funny at all but unfortunately he's too blind to see it himself. Watching this on fast forward today because commentary is so lame it hurts my ears. Jan is ok btw

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