Watch Top Seed Gukesh Face-off vs Ohanyan in Quarterfinal #1 | Junior Speed Chess Championship 2023

The 2023 Junior Speed Chess Championship (JSCC) is’s top event for young players, featuring a $50,000 prize fund. The JSCC is the strongest online competition for the next’s generation of talents including Gukesh D, Raunak Sadhwani and more, with the winner qualifying for the Main Event of the 2023 Speed Chess Championship.

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  1. I said ….I DO NOT want to watch Gukesh . Give me someone who can REALLY play chess like Magnus or Hikaru !

  2. It's kind of mad that gukesh is below 18 because it's impossible for anyone to win against him in that category . He's too strong for them

  3. Gukesh is 17 and he has more facial hair than my 45 year old dad

  4. it would be very tough for these junior players when gukesh is someone who got no#3 in norway chess with one of the worlds best

  5. A bit out of context, but Tania's looking cute

  6. Ohanyan really needs to improve his speed in playing moves, how can someone in 5+1 at GM level always lose on time? Just play moves man, you don't need always play the best move if you run out of the clock man

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