watching a chess tournament without knowing chess

music by Adrian Berenguer
Peter Reti played by Max who you can see @janet7210
Tiger played by Kärol who you can see here:

Chess icons:
Sound effects from:


  1. UNFAIR!! the actors didn't see the board while commentating so it's easy for them to not laugh!!!! TROLOLOLOLOL btw is there any bobby fischer, wesley so, chess960 or pipi or tigran L Petrosian here? huhuhu

  2. Monopoly hat can stand in for any piece on the board, depending on which one you've lost.

  3. Many interesting theories at play here. Fascinating!

  4. You have a gift for making the most nonsensical things sound real and accurate and there are few people whose gibberish I enjoy listening to more. Seeing your videos pop up in my subscription feed is always a bright spot in my day.

  5. your lore explained video is honestly one of the best things that ever happened to me.
    i often quote the full video to my friends and show it to the people i meet for the first time.

    thank you so much.

  6. You didn't even mention the importance of the Trumpeteer that increases the amount of squares pawns can move with his 4 square aura ability.

  7. The guy with the popular twitch stream should have done the presentation

  8. Everyone is praising Tiger's use of the veil, but really impressive to see Hector manage a draw after all that—his upgrades were completely counter to theory! Excited to see these two clash again in the Bang Energy tourney this winter.

  9. I only expect the best from a Cat Girl Coin Crypto Chess Tournament

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