Wei Yi vs Vladimir Potkin – 77th Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2015

China’s very young talent, 15-year-old Wei Yi, opts for the Steinitz variation of the French Defense against Russia’s Vladimir Potkin in round 2 of the 77th Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2015.Wei Yi became a grandmaster at the age of 13 years, 8 months and 23 days. Wei holds the record for the youngest player ever to achieve a rating of 2600+.


Internet Chess Club (ICC)


  1. I can  see y I will never be a grandmaster

  2. Interesting that the 23. …Nc3 took so long, since it seems white has only one response.  Were there options besides …nc3 or …nb2?

  3. can someone explain why the minutes go up at the start of this game pls?

  4. This kid is awesome. I love to see a now 2700+ player being an attacking and 1. e4 player. Great coverage of the game, thanks!

  5. superb accurate and relevant commentary as always.

  6. I'm surprised that you didn't review his game against Bruzon a few months ago, given that everyone was raving about it and calling it an "immortal" game. That one was fantastic.

  7. Very interesting game and analysis. Looking forward to future Carlsen vs. Wei games!

  8. what a fantastic game of Wei Yi,his talent is out of discussion.

  9. your voice is just like catiels from supernatural hahaha

  10. Excellent analysis Jerry. I cannot believe I have not seen this game. It is one of my top games that I have seen. Do you mind if I use your analysis on a lichess study of this game? The study is about the 1000 greatest chess games played.

  11. Instead of Nxf7 on move 29… Why not RxH7? It's the most logical move in my eyes.

  12. I think only magnus carlsen can win against wei yi, wei yi is too strong for other GM's

  13. Nice lesson bearing game on French defence.Thanks.

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