Wesley So v Levon Aronian | Old Guards of Chess Clash! | Speed Chess Championship 2023 | !coinbase

3-time U.S. Champion Wesley So takes on Levon Aronian in the 2023 Speed Chess Championship presented by Coinbase. Watch the games:

The 16-player field for the strongest online speed chess event also features Magnus Carlsen, Alireza Firouzja, Fabiano Caruana, Gukesh and World Champion Ding Liren. All the details:

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  1. Ding and Carlson win they will vs each other Old champ vs new champ I can’t wait watch that one and all hikis games obv

  2. For a few seconds after 2:47:38 we can see that Aronian would make an excellent Stan Laurel of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.

  3. Why no interview at the end, and what the heck happened to Danya? Disappearing right when the 5 minute ended is very strange. And no explanation from Rench is weird also.

  4. if this is old guard then Kasparov must be Cretaceous period

  5. I like Wesley's bookshelves very much.

  6. Danny and danya are a great pair by Danny alone just going off script making fun of stuff is my favorite

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