What did Magnus Carlsen tell Pragg after the game? | World Cup Finals Game 1 | Commentary by Sagar

The first game of the FIDE World Cup 2023 Finals between Magnus Carlsen and R. Praggnanandhaa. We bring you the live footage from the venue in Baku. It was an interesting strategic battle where Pragg was very well prepared out of the opening. What happened next and what was it that both the players discussed after the game?

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Both are playing like smoothly every some min both were stand uping and go for a round 😂

  2. Why magnus is always late and seems not interested in playing….is it a psychological move or its hus nature? I mean i have watched 5 videos and it happened it every one of them😂

  3. Two class acts. Happy for both. Present and future.


  5. NOW I know how Prags name is properly pronounced. 😁 Well played young man!

  6. I think I like carlsen hair they way he set their hairs😂

  7. I think commenter should play because he knows all the moves what u guys think???

  8. Lot of pressure here yes it is due to comentor

  9. வெரி பேட் நகர்த்திய மூவ்மெண்ட் குயின். இழந்தது👎👎🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭

  10. Ye dono bich bich me kaha chale jaate hai🙄

  11. Intha game la yaaru win pannuna ?? Draw la mudinjathaa

  12. Can you please tell me how do they offer a draw

  13. They don't need ur suggestion fool🤣

  14. But I guess so many people miss vishi sir from India , it’s 5 time world champion

  15. Prag should have gone for passed pawn and look to win the match

  16. Legends Are Don't Know How To Play But Still Watching. 😅😅

  17. Broadcaster explaining one or two result of moving while these legends counting millions of possible moves

  18. Trivia… The name Praggnanandha is to be pronounced as Prag-nya-nandha where the term 'gnan' means wisdom!

  19. As an Indian i can tell that Hikaru and Pragnanada has born in wrong era of Magnus Carlson. He made a draw against Indias Finest Grandmaster that when he is ill and is in some other country.

  20. Pragg will the first 4000+ Elo human chess player. MMW

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