What’s a Top Level Chess Tournament like? (feat. Svidler, Chessbrah, Fressinet)

Outray Chess travels to Berlin to check out a “top level genius fest”.
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xWe have a talk with fascinating characters like Peter Svidler, Eric Hansen (the Chessbrah) and Laurant Fressinet and discuss the future of chess. The event was World Blitz and Rapid Championship 2015.


  1. 3:50 "in blitz you always sacrifice sometimes"

    so poetic! 😛

  2. Any idea what Aronian was laughing about?

  3. You guys rock. Looking forward to more content

  4. This is great stuff. What took you so long to post it. It seemingly takes less effort to edit this video than to organize soviet tanks

  5. Guys, you are the future of chess 🙂 i see it the same way, have fun while playing with people and a beer is just the best. Thanks for your content. Really looking forward to your future videos. And was really cool that you interviewd frssinet, should have asked him abour your video haha 😉 im sure he knows it 😀

  6. Amazing chess content! Love it! Best callback with Fressinet!

  7. I heard that the organisation in Berlin was pretty bad for the spectators.

  8. Just discovered you. That's really amazing content!! I subbed!

  9. That Aronian laugh is enough to like this video. Great guy, I guess every neutral roots for him & his amazing creative play of chess. Disappointed by his Candidates result . Great content.

  10. Great chess content guys! You are video production GMs.

  11. Good stuff guys. Get in there early and document the brave world of New Wave chess.
    Now that we can all acknowledge that computers have smashed this game, we can move on and enjoy a bit of personality in chess.
    There’s the slogan right there: “The computers have won, have some fun!”

  12. why the continuous f bombs? can't you express yourself without the need of profanity?

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