When it is your first Chess Tournament But…必. #chess #chesspuzzle #hikaru #magnuscarlsen #blitz


  1. I choke on 1st and 2nd game like bru it was my first time and in 6th game we use notation and i choke again with the score of 4 -3 My first and second opponents was both a pro and me here blundered

  2. I am undefeated against Hikaru and Magnus an I would like to keep it that way (Never participate in any chess tournament)

  3. Ok you may start
    shakes hand
    shakes hand again for resignation

  4. Hikaru: Where is my opponent

    He sacrificed… H襤MSEEELF!!

  5. If i was there i would be like "I RESIGN THIS GAME GOODBYE 儭"

  6. Mera khud ka kal match ha vo bhi district level per chess ka

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