When Opponent makes 2 ILLEGAL MOVES in a Row! #shorts

Whose move was it? 😳

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. These are the best little chess players i have ever seen
    Even tho they made illegal moves

  2. ithula wrost rules avan yeduthu return vachathu mistake illaiya byt ava move panitanu neenachi move panathu mistake ah

  3. When 8 year olds play better than you at chess, and also shake hands better than you: 😮

  4. Other kids: Arbitter




  5. Moving two pieces in a row should be a disqualification, same as how moving a piece on your opponents turn is a disqualification. The “forgetful” kid is playing 4D chess..

  6. They don't do any work only mendel stress. And keep moving coins after coins. Why they should play chess. What for.

  7. same thing happened to me, opponent didn't pressed the clock but i thought he did, i made my move than i seen ki he didn't pressed his clock, then he called the arbitor 😢

  8. I am a Pakistani and i am amazed to see this talent that's the good thing abt India if they see potential they help it unlike Pakistan

  9. Yeah dimag k khel h nhi yah toh hrte h

  10. Had this happen when I was a kid, didn’t even realize

  11. Bro thinks he is hikaru☠️💀💀

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