Who’ll Win Without Theory? ft. Magnus, Fabiano, Gukesh & More | Freestyle Chess GOAT Challenge 2024

The $200,000 Freestyle Chess G.O.A.T. Challenge is an over-the-board Chess960 tournament featuring Carlsen, Ding, Firouzja, Caruana, Gukesh, Aronian, Abdusattorov & Keymer. It starts with a rapid event to decide pairings for the classical knockout tournament, with all games played at the Weissenhaus Private Nature Luxury Resort in Germany. Watch:

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  1. please just take care of your health first Ding.. You're the Champion already, now you can leave the title like Magnus did.. wish you the best..

  2. Daaaamn Niclas – great job. As a german I tried out Niclas' youtube channel a few times and never got into it and stayed at other German (and international) YouTube channels. But holy moly – he did an absurdly good job at the monitor to complement Peter and Tania. Really well done, Niclas. Hope you will join many other international chess broadcasts in future.

    This kind of tournament is really interesting. Especially for someone who doesnt play chess a lot like me. I am not that good and have no real ambition to get better. But watching top chess players and get explained the many ideas by other very good chess player is really, really interesting. Like it a lot.
    Congrats to Vincent (and its such a pleasure to listen to him in interviews – he so full of joy for chess)… but I hope everybody will find strong moments – especially Ding. He is MUCH better than he can show currently. And although it sounds a bit unpolite… but… I like that Magnus is not leading clearly but is "just" part of the group.

    All 8 player are just great skilled people. Thanks for this very interesting tournament and looking foward for the other days A LOT 🙂

  3. I’m surprised none of them people are not impressed with gukesh …!!!! No one at all in comments ..!!! I guess that’s the power of mag …

  4. Ding is so weak 🤦🏼‍♂️ this is embarrassing for the chess World champion to be at this level. Wow!

  5. i thought this was fischer random, they call it freestyle chess ?

  6. Go Gukesh. Seeing a future world champion in him. India's second after Anand.

  7. Step up the production, this is audio issues are too much to bear. And this is nothing new…

  8. 2024=eval bar.
    there's no better way to get a lot of people to not watch this than to forget to include an eval bar.

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