Why Chess.com Won | Case Study

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  1. Here in Tamil Nadu, Vishwanathan Anand was the trigger for the popularity of chess. I believe it would be the case with most of India as well. But the popularity of online chess in india is because of Samay Raina, gothamchess and other popular influencers.

  2. Where is my man supreme leader SAMAY RAINAπŸ’₯?

  3. man i know it because of andrew tate before watching this video but good video aevy tv

  4. haha! Finally A.I. images. I was wondering that is Varun is so bullish after A.I., why isn't he using any A.I. generated content so far? πŸ˜›

  5. I entered the video reading cheese instead of chess, I thought it's about the parmesan cheese, the only think I learnt throughout this video is "Branding is important" which is nothing new.

  6. As a person who recently got into chess, I'll attribute my interest in the game to Andrew Tate

  7. At the time of upload the thumbnail and title were different, now they're changed. Some youtube tactic?

  8. i dont remember why i started playing chess but i started in 2021

  9. Samay Raina should also be credited! I started playing due to him.

  10. No..that's not how Google works…it don't show website with exact name first…it is based on page ranking. Then why the fuck people are working on SEO

  11. Google doesn't give a precedence to exact match domains explicitly, since the 2012 exact match domain algorithm update. But it's indeed like a win win for someone who has the right product/content, and then an exact match domain, that's super relevance. Low-quality exact-match domains are not entertained in search results. It's more about brandable, easily recalled names with utterly common words.

  12. I trully Miss One thing Avey TV .. AND Please bring it back .. "MBA CHESSS VALA"

  13. Hi Aevy team,

    I really appreciate your hardwork and i love to watch your video but apart from knowledge most i like is your acting.

    It really fun to watch and learn.

  14. The influencers were definitely the most important factor!

  15. Why every your videos has 2-3 thumbnails? When video was uploaded thumbnail is different and after few hours it again changes and after some days there is new thumbnail. Is there any algorithm or what? Or are you testing out something?

  16. The last time ocus played chess he was still friends with rishu

  17. Bhai majorly Andrew Tate ki vajah se hi popular hua hai vrna popularity me itna fark nahi ata

  18. Many fighting in the comments who is the real reason for the chess boom. But, true Avey fans knows this is completely a sponsor video.

  19. I couldn't believe that someone could up the cring game despite having tiktok. Drop the skits, give the knowledge. FYI you are the first and only channel i subscribed to and unsubscribed.

  20. I think in India it is definitely samay and chessbase and worldwide it was hikaru and Gotham they popularized chess in twitch many famous twitch streamers started playing like penguinz0,Ludwig,xqc even to point that mrbeast started playing

  21. Hikaru Nakamura being addressed as 'a streamer' 🀣
    That guy is a fucking super GM.
    He is arguably the 2nd best player currently after Magnus Carlsen.

  22. You make really good content, I have a very small suggestion or might be a different perspective, I know that your USP is that you make videos which involve – "Small Plays", but if possible keep the length of these "Small Plays" less… As in 15-20 minutes then the major points are not covered and I guess people come back to view your videos because of your perspectives on things…

  23. I think you should have mentioned Magnus carlsen and ChessbaseIndia. Because they were also the main influencers.

  24. Vishwanathan Anand is main reason why chess became popular in india.

  25. now this video gonna be another reason for their success . kyu sahi kaha na guys??

  26. The fact that i was just playing chess and this showed up in my yt feed…

  27. You guys are doing great, but please try to minimize irritating cuts while in a flow of video, I mean we can understand each and everything even without cutouts of those short clips. Plz

  28. I hope the cashburning period of Aevy Tv has passed.

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