Why did Magnus Carlsen SMILE? #shorts

Pragg’s first draw against Magnus Carlsen in Classical Chess! 😍

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Queen H1 could be wining move isn’t it?

  2. After Qd1+ the king is not go to e4 the king is only go to e3. If e4 happens pragg is completely winning why he offers a draw. You can listen carefully on the board.

  3. For those who was wondering why didnot parag go for win at Qh1

    Magnus actually moved his queen e3 not e4— u can see the video, magnus moved his queen in the dark square.
    That means the board shown in the video is wrong.

  4. Because he is a human and not only him even everyone could smile or laugh including me

  5. Who saw that on the online board they placed the king on the wrong square for the last move

  6. reality is that pragg is trying to win but magnus manage to defend

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