Why Is Magnus Carlsen so Upset? Carlsen vs Keymer | World Rapid Championship 2023

The defending champion GM Magnus Carlsen had a great start to day two of the World Rapid Championship 2023 as he defeated GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi in the sixth round. In the ninth round, he faced the super-talented GM Vincent Keymer and something happened in the game that made Magnus really upset. Watch the game to see what happened.

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Video: ChessBase India
By Aditya Sur Roy

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  1. What was the knight move Magnus missed that massively sunk the evaluation in the end game?

  2. The four knights of the apocalypse game. Who won this game?

  3. 4:41 Please someone tell me why magnus dont take black pawn at f7

  4. They're almost identical twins… in terms of hair-style at least. 😂

  5. Bro, Magnus looks exhausted, it’s incredible how he can deal with all of this games

  6. Bad filming. You cant follow the game neither in the Little pgn board nor the real board, they are both too small

  7. Well, I'll be getting a late night call from Magnus, asking for end game advice … again.

  8. Goodie for Keymer, he will never be at the top level like Naka said. Got lucky in one rapid game, big whoooop

  9. Im a drinker too, Magnus has an alcohol issue you can see it in his face. PS I had to edit it cuz I was drunk

  10. because opponent copied his hair style

  11. Why is so nervous? Did Magnus miss a win ? It seems that 1.Nf5 insted of Nd5 will give Magnus some chances.

  12. I'm not a chess guy, but can someone explain who won? Or was it a draw? How did magnus end up doing?

  13. 4:39 can someone tell me why Magnus didn’t take the pawn on g7?

  14. Magnus suddenly realizes he should have played Nf5 instead of Nd5 around 5:10 Nd5 allowed the f5 counterplay.

  15. what's wrong with that eval bar showing massive white advantage in 0.00 positions? magnus bonus? xD

  16. Most People Blunders & loose

    Magnus Blunders to Draw 😅

  17. Is this the the traditional yearly FIDE laundry money tournement?

  18. Getting a draw with black against the champ is never an easy task. Vincent held his own here.

  19. Carlos may/is the best in the world ever known, beyond Bobby Fischer & Kasparov at chess, but it is just a game… remember… Carlos didn't cure cancer or help put multiple millions X millions of dollars like Bill Gates has around the world in research programs to possibly help humanity around some of the world diseases. Carlos is just playing a game. I wish that genius could be put to something better than a game.

  20. People seriously don't notice that he has autism? His tantrums are really a big sign and nobody seems to care.

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