Will Giri, Caruana, and Aronian Chase Down Nodirbek Abdusattorov For The 2023 Tata Steel Crown?

Eight-time Tata Steel winner Magnus Carlsen defends his title with Ding Liren, Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri, and more of the world’s top chess players looking to take the crown! Who will be victorious at the legendary 14 player round robin tournament in Wijk aan Zee?!


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  1. Nodirbek till the end of the game I'm with you. Never give up 🇺🇿

  2. What a great music! Chess and music make a good team, should be always the best music to the best chess

  3. Giri… come on you were so close! Anyway great attacking game once again from Giri. I love this new Giri

  4. Sadly Keymer doesn't get lucky at all this event. Also Nodirbek is playing very good, but people suddenly overhype him

  5. Jovanka is amazing, but my dream team is Danya and Robert.

  6. I like Jovanka. She is very pleasant. Tania on the other hand is very scripted and doesn't know when to stop talking. And she is often preoccupied and does not respond right away when someone speaks to her.

  7. The pieces are too crude for this grand occasion.

  8. Nodirbek is going to be champ!!! All the best!!! Uzbekistan is with you bro

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