WINNING A CHESS TOURNAMENT | Round 6 | Cracow International Chess

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  1. Games with Hammer: how do you play these positions?Games with Benjamin: why are you a grandmaster?

  2. Love to see Andrea play Alex in next round! If so, let’s see if Andrea can avenge last loss to her by not sacrificing unsoundly.

  3. It was a bit awkward at the end of the stream. Benjamin was clearly uncomfortable. Andrea went into full support mode to try to save the situation at the end.

  4. The streak is over because Hammer was not there moderating the live stream.

  5. Near the end of the game, when he brought his rook down to d7, Alexandria could have still stayed alive moving the Queen to c6, threatening mate with queen to h8. He probably would have moved the other rook back to defend the back rank, then Alex could have taken his other rook. He would have had to move his Queen away with an interim check, otherwise she could take it with hers after his pawn took her rook. At least this would have bought her some time, which he was short on, assuming she does not take the pawn back immediately, there seem to be some defensive possibilities that might have run out his clock, if he went for the win.

  6. Alexandra full of herself and only herself. Can someone help her out? She is sad. Maybe someone tell her she is the fairest of them all or bring her the heart of an enemy or maybe someone humiliate some other person in front of her to bring her back into balance.😂

  7. Andrea is so fuc***g adorable!!!😂❤ She is so cute and there is no evil in her at all. Still inocent. Would love to meet her

  8. I would like to play against one of you – although I know you would smash me in less than one minute!

  9. 3:25:40 "Let me know if you have any notes"….Benjamin — I'm just a commentator 😄

  10. I like your commentary Benjamin. I appreciate you keeping the live chess board so that I can fast forward some during long thinking times and actually be able to tell when a move was made.

  11. dang andrea keep outcalculating general manager

  12. Sorry for the loss… 😢
    But it happens. Even the GMs lose at times. Just learn from it, grow from it and get better.
    The strongest trees survive the storm even if it got a few branches broken off…
    Well… A lot of people are still rooting for you Alexandra…
    When I lose the best revenge is to get someone much better than me to show me my mistakes and how to correct it let it burn in my memory. Then I can grow…
    The tournament is not over yet… You have more games to win or more chances to learn and improve.

    Andrea good show of tough love ❤❤❤❤ and show your sister she has a lot to be grateful for…

    Hugs to both…

  13. I think dominik knew he was outmatched and wanted to play blitz since he probably feels more confident that way

  14. Bok is a great commentator! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  15. Disgusting computer line refutes Bxe6 sac in Alexandra's game: 1. Bxe6 Nxe5!! counter sac! 2. fxe5 Nc4 and if the queen moves, Nxe3, and the knight can't be recaptured by the queen, because Bg5 pins and wins the queen and the game. The computer wants white to give up the queen in a different way: 3. Bxd5 Nxe2 4. Bxb7 Nc4 5. Nc6 Qe8 6. Bf4 and the black rook is trapped, and white eventually ends up with rook, bishop, and pawn for queen, equalizing by the computer.

    No human would find that equalizing line though (2000 rated humans don't play positional queen sacs), so it's likely Filip would have retreated the bishop, and then black has an advantage: 2. Bf4 Nec4 3. Qd3 Nxe3 4. Qxe3 Nc4. I'm guessing the computer thinks black is better because of the bishop pair and better king safety.

  16. Id love to see the move number, the standings, Im lacking a lot of context if I miss a day 🙁

  17. What is tempo, how do you achieve it, and is it always good?

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