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  1. candidates is actually much more enjable than the championship lol.

  2. Do you do live streams? You don't seem to edit so why not do it live (superchat etc..) . Keep it up champ regardless 🙌

  3. Love or hate Hikaru, how can you not want him to win at this point? Just to shake things up and piss a lot of people off😂. GO HIKARU!!’nnnnn

  4. I would like if Fabiano becomes the world champ as he's Italian… But we all know the real reason he's playing with a US flag is because he like pineapple pizza 😡

  5. Day 1 of asking levy for a GTE episode

  6. 2:46 He's definitely not French to say that. XD. eat raw bread it's just delicious when it comes out of the oven.

  7. in 9:57 why Hikaru dont played Bishop to E4 to take the rock?

  8. Are you seriously still accepting money from the discredited and disreputable "BetterHelp." At least six months after most streamers have refused to work with them, you still continue to do it.
    I love your content, but seriously, have you got no shame?

  9. man called me out with that room temp water and bread comment at the beginning. i don’t think i can ever recover 😭😭😭

  10. Hikaru described that bishop move as “horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE” 😅😅 yeah – things happen! But it ain’t over till it’s over!

  11. Watching these recaps, it's becoming evident that the players must be getting exhausted by this point in the tournament. The games are more dramatic in these later rounds due to the blunders and missed opportunities that didn't seem to get missed earlier on. When you watch the Tour de France, you expect the riders to be tired in the third week, but I never thought about that aspect of an epic like the Candidates' Tournament. I wonder if the players target their efforts into certain rounds rather than trying to win every game? It just goes to show that chess is hard.

  12. He called him Magnussssssss😮😮😮

  13. I love when Gotham shows a pro playing a move I commonly play and calls it the dumbest move ever. Like, intellectually, I know he's right, but it makes me chuckle every time.

  14. and hikaru ruins the advantage again. Best thing ive ever heard in a chess review

  15. As someone who most wants either Ian, Hikaru or Gukesh to win the candidates, round 12 had to be the most hype day to watch.

  16. I'm pretty sure better helps sells all our data to other companies i wasnt aware til i watched freezai's video on it

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