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  1. Cant lie if God asked me for a perfect wife, id show him a picture of Alexandria, beautiful inside & out ❤

  2. Hammer is awesome. Please no more Dina

  3. I love it 5:34:40 "I thought I had some ideas" The look on your face while saying that is priceless. Great playing Alexandra!

  4. Top effort by both presenters. Educational and enjoyable👍.

  5. Hammer and Dina present chess for countless hours this week and yall hating on them 😂 cmon now

  6. I don't watch Botox twins often but when I do it's enjoyable enough to leave a comment to promote the algorithm.

  7. Sorry Andrea… You will get him next time just ask your coach… She is going to give you some tough love…

    Alexandra, you are the #1 seed. They are all gunning for you now…Prepare and show them all how tough you are…
    You have a good coach on your side giving you more tough love…

  8. I truly find Hammer and Dina remarkable. They are a perfect balance of chess GMs on and off the board and keep me entertained throughout the games. Awesome coaches

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