Wirtual vs. QTCinderella | Pogchamps 5 Consolation Finals

Wirtual and QTCinderella took to the board in our Consolation Finals at Pogchamps 5.

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  1. Man, what a beautiful specimen. Cinderella isn't to bad looking either

  2. Wirt is so cute. He ended with saying โ€œweโ€™re both winnersโ€

  3. "QT were both winners", what a gentleman, hes so nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. wirtual looks more like ludwig than ludwig does in that thumbnail

  5. OTB for the finals is a nice addition, very cool

  6. Wirtual is getting really good at chess. he has a terrible, TERRIBLE blind spot for simple forks, but I think thats a rather trivial thing to fix. And I believe he learned most of this in a couple of months. Which would be really, really surprising, if you havent seen this man's almost endless capacity for grinding and learning something. Watch his video on completing a single map in trackmania called "deep dip", he grinded EIGHTY hours on that one map, just to complete it once. Anyway, he makes really high-level moves in chess. This is a very entertaining match.

  7. Game 1 – worst play by QTcinderlla.

  8. Let's be real, Wirtual had no business in the consolation bracket, he could have competed in the winner bracket just the same. Of course QT will look lost against someone of his caliber, but she has come a long way.

  9. QT is a disgusting person that advertised porn to underage children. Shame on you for bringing her on this show

  10. man now I really wish wirtual didnโ€™t pull a wirtuaL and got to the winners bracket

    he just needs to learn forks to gain 100 elo

  11. They have done wirtual dirty one the thumbnail man

  12. Very clearly a perfect depiction of a 800 beating up on a 500 elo. Glad yall are jamming

  13. Nice transposition from a Caro to an Alapin Sicilian to an Advance French without the bad French Bishop in the first game, not that anybody cares.

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