World Chess Championship Game 1 Recap | The Pressure is ON!

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  1. Fabi showing why he's one of the best players in the world. I don't understand how GMs can just be like 'oh yeah I played this against Rapport one time'

  2. We’re fortunate to have The Fabi doing these videos

  3. Huge thanks to you both for going into detailed variations and subtleties of the position

  4. Fabi next challenger with no doubt. Come on Fabi

  5. Fabi doesn't look happy because if his Lost against Hikaru

  6. Fantastic recap!! Looking forward to the next ones, thank you so much for doing this guys. Great in-depth analysis.

  7. Is it mistake for black to take on e4 after white castles? Looks like the pawn is hanging

  8. Interesting press conference after the game, Ding saying he is depressed and dealing with his emotions more than preparing. I wouldn't be surprised if he falls apart. Hopefully he can get settled.

  9. Just cop’d your Ruy Lopez course on Chessbase fabi! Absolutely loving it

  10. A mediocre match — Nepo turned a win into a draw and the after game press conference – i do not know which was more of a stain on Chess — Ding spending most of game 1 away from the board hiding in his safe zone rest room or Ding complaining about his hotel, his travel, and him stating "i felt anxiety, i was depressed, and my mind was not right" – i guarantee you when Kasparov, Magnus, Hikaru watched and heard Ding's press conference comments they shook their heads in embarrassment.

  11. I wish you were commenting on the game live with a saint louis production instead of just a postgame analysis. The FIDE production is terrible.

  12. Great analysis from a top master. Caruana explained everything in simple words.

  13. Thanks for the video! One minor suggestion, could you put the names of the players somewhere so we know who's playing what color?

  14. Having watched agadmator’s review and Levy’s … this one is hands down the best – thx!

  15. When are you going to start pronouncing Ian's name correctly? Is it that difficult?

  16. This recap is clear, instructive, well paced: so much better than Hikaru’s, which is frankly hot garbage. Hikaru rushes so fast that no one under 2500 can get any value from it, and his explanations are not articulately framed at all.

  17. This is your weekly remind that Ian's name is pronounced Nuh palm kni shee!!!!

  18. It's been said Yuan has emotional issues and not finding the win will break himself. Ding is doing well now. He can sleep well

  19. please, no spoilers at the beginnging 🥲 thx 😘

  20. Hey guys… Thank you so much for providing us with this coverage of World Chess Championship and for your professional analyses which were amazing! … kiss

  21. fabis reviews of World Chess Championship games r on another level🔥

  22. A huge thank you to Fabi for the fabulous analysis. We are very fortunate to listen to such high level analysis from one of the greatest chess players. I can look back to the past world cup matches starting from Karpov-Korchnoi all the way to Vishy's matches, where it would have been so enriching to follow the games with Fabi's insightful analyses.

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  24. The plural is actually "asparageese". says:

    "Mainlining" is a term for intravenous injection lol, but "mainline" as an adjective in this context is a totally logical construction 🙂 Stellar recap, thank you for this! I'll be watching eagerly for your recaps throughout the match!

  25. It is interesting to see the insider perspective from top tier players. I think it helps to cut through the bias of favoritism and give us a more level measurement of capabilities. Thanks to both of you.

  26. glad you guys have continuously branched into content & weren’t content with just running laps around the chess podcast world

  27. This was awesome. Favorite recap for sure. Super thorough and insightful analysis

  28. This is the best analysis I've ever seen. Very instructional.

  29. Thanks to Fabi and CC for the amazing analysis.

  30. Great Recap, can you guys also talk about the seconds, teams, and secrecy part of WC preparation?

  31. Thanks for great analysis and commentary. Thumbs up! (already subscribed for a while) Looking forward to more.

  32. After some thought my opinion has flipped.
    I now think the first game is more of a sign that Yan isn't prepared enough and/or not in the best shape.
    Unlike many others I don't like Yan missing a relatively simple trick (h3/Nd5) in an opening he prepared for a world championship match. It's barely 2-4 moves deep and it's in a line he himself prepared and he still didn't know it / didn't see it and was out of the book/prep way too early.
    Then to miss Bc7 later on and then again to miss the line Caruana showed.
    All along, assuming you take Ding's words at face value that he wasn't prepared at all and wasn't even thinking about chess and still managed to draw.
    To me this shows that once things settle, in a day or two, Ding will start to pick up the pace and Yan will lose wind, get flustered and break as he did previously.
    Plus, a few months ago Carlsen said that Yan hates endgames and I think that it's starting to show. If he isn't willing to dive into difficult and technical endgames where you have to dry out a long battle and he consciously avoids them then he will squander many opportunities.

  33. This is the third recap I watched and my favourite one! Fabi's analysis is insightful as usual.

  34. I usually don't comment on yt videos but holy smokes what a high level analysis this has been. Great efforts by both fabi and Christian. Learnt and enjoyed a lot.
    Definitely deserves 1 mil views every recap.

  35. gm analysis r great. bt when an IM expain game of gms, they dont even understand all the details how they gona make us understand. we r grrateful for hikaru caruanaa for explaining us their knowledge

  36. Very intriguing first game. Like both Ding and Nepo, they seem very nice people. Favour Nepo slightly for the win, such a talented player. Stoked for the coming games.

  37. Even within the first few minutes of opening discussion (with fabi highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of the moves versus the alternatives) it's already so clear that these guys will be able to bring even intermediate players through the games as the players would be thinking. Incredibly instructive, compelling, and easy to follow recap- I'm really looking forward to following the match 🙂

  38. 13:35 Of course, GM Caruana can't relate to what GM Liren said. One is pure masculinity and the other is the mind of a man cowering in the corner in total submission of outside forces.

  39. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    2nd comment: hey CSQpod how about Wesley So for a future podcast? See:


  40. So white just went exchange Ruy a tempo down (since he took two moves instead of 1 to just take the pawn). What is his compensation for that tempo?

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