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  1. 6:16 Wait holdup is that referencing what I think it's referencing.

  2. 5 pieces of exodia as in like yu gi oh?

  3. This doesn't feel like the real world championship. It feels like an interim situation UFC would pull out.

  4. Us old timers still call this opeming a Ruy Lopez

  5. the battle to determine who is the bes…second best player in the world.

  6. Zao Shang Hao zhong guo. Xian zai wo yo bing qilin.

  7. It's perhaps a weakness of chess that the game is predecided many moves ahead or indeed all the way to draw. Futurama had a funny joke about that with two droids sitting down at the chess table and white says mate in 143 before moving a piece and the other agrees.

  8. Take a video about this , The world is now ruled by one community of people, the world Satanic elite, you can also call them the committee to meet the Antichrist and prevent the 2nd coming of Jesus, Trump called them the deep state, at the moment it consists of about 10,000 people, the main ones there are Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Windsors, Baruchs, they, their ancestors, descendants and other people who enter there have the mark of Lucifer, which, if they bring the antichrist and do not allow the 2nd coming, they will receive eternal life after the x hour, and the rest of humanity, for all the time that they have lived, they won't get anything, so all people should know about the existence of a world government (Jesus who was a The Prophet of God, not God.God will send Jesus as a reward to humanity, if humanity deserves it, for this it is necessary to fight Lucifer and his elite)

  9. quote of the day, "… I will eat everything and then I will win"

  10. Why is a Russian player allowed to play? Russian citizens should be banned from any international competitions.

  11. Do you have plans to do a remake of ‘I Love Lucy’ with Andrea Botez?

  12. I wish classical wasn't the format that was taken the most seriously. Nobody wants to watch that live and I feel that it almost eliminates a key aspect of proving a players skills, which would be time management and quickly identifying tactics and evaluating positions. Give a 2000 an hour to make a move and they have a good chance to find the best move. I think it proves far more skill to be able to do it quickly

  13. It just occurred to me that this world championship is Russia vs. China…interesting given the current world stage.

  14. There’s stuff here I don’t get. I’m sure it’s me 🙃How can a world championship not include the current champion?

  15. As a chess player I want Ding to win, but as a person I want China to lose. I'm stuck in quite the conundrum

  16. clarity not going above 720P. why is that so?

  17. It’s not even one day later and this video is already outdated. Such a shit channel

  18. Me at 650 who plays knight takes c6 every time I play the Spanish lmao

  19. The exciting competition to see who would be the best chess player in the world if it weren't for the existence of Magnus 🙂

  20. yup. me. I'm over 1000 higher in puzzles than rapid.

  21. Looking forward to the new chessly content as I actually am about 1000 points higher on puzzles than I am in rapid!

  22. Really enjoy having the clocks visible, thanks for the content Levy you're crushing it

  23. did he really say Dobro jutro ,,, levy is the top g

  24. Please be precise, introducing players … Ian from the country 404 … is correct

  25. “Dobry jutro” means “good tomorrow” lmao, but close enough I guess 😂😂😅😅

    “Dziendobry” in Polish or “dobry dzen” (not sure of spelling) un Ukrainian means good morning

  26. '3.5m subscribers'

    'Uploads videos in 720p'

  27. I absolutely love your content!!! So excited for your coverage on the world chess championship!(Just a question: Why is this video in 720p quality?)

  28. Brother, your course is always 50% off lol

  29. I think Ding Liren has many Reasons why this could be the "most important Game of his live"…

  30. did my fav youtuber just said hello in bulgarian?!

  31. Brilliant players. Re-highlights the genius of Carlsen, who could so easily deconstruct Nepo.

  32. 2300 puzzles but capped at 1100 for rapid, lol.

  33. World chess championship: The elite competition to be declared the 2nd best chess player in the world. Neither contender has a good name for media; one sounds like a doorbell, and one is un-pronouncable. Magnus will continue to dominate the media, and everyone knows he deserves it.

  34. Yes! I am over 1000 points higher in puzzles than rapid. I started puzzles because you recommended them. It did help me a lot, but as you said: not every position is a tactic.

  35. I was just sitting here listening to levy talk until he said 'How many of you are 1000 points higher rated in puzzles than in chess' and felt attacked

  36. As someone who knows very little about chess, your recaps makes high level chess very digestible. They make me want to learn more about chess and become a better player myself looking forward to watching the rest of the series!

  37. I absolutely could not believe Ian played Bishop D6. C7 just seemed like such a natural move and there just was no threat even with the bishop on the edge of the board

  38. wow the transition into lategame was narrated masterfully, i was captivated

  39. nice presentation.. like hosting a wrestling.. but you should really drop advertising your shit.. honestly.

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