World no.2 Caruana vs 18-year-old Praggnanandhaa | Norway Chess 2024 Armageddon

Praggnanandhaa beat Caruana in their first classical encounter at Norway Chess by grinding down a long drawn endgame. Now it was time for the 2nd time they faced each other. The classical game ended in a draw, and it was now time for the Armageddon. Check out the battle along with the commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Is caurana and hikaru both are world no. 2🤔

  2. Why does Caruana has 10 minutes while Prag has just 7 ? Also wasn't this tournament supposed to be classical , why are they playing such a short game

  3. A very very logical move is to play❤😅

  4. 11:34 Black could have drawn by exchanging queens right? Let me know if I'm wrong. As black draw leads to win in Armageddon

  5. 14:26 Why not fork the queen and bishop by moving the knight to b3 ? Instead of playing Qa4, why not Nb3 ? Let me know if I'm wrong please.

  6. Both will come back they will win classic games

  7. It's high time you stopped mentioning 18 year old pragg every time.

  8. I like Pragg’s attitude the most among indian juniors

  9. Bloody u stop play on behalf of the player and confusing a && h &&&

  10. Mr Sagar, can you answer if we ask some questions in comment?

  11. Are those infinity stones in Pragg's hand in thumbnail?

  12. I challenge pabaanagan for 1v1 battle 😎

  13. at 13:10, if black q gives a check at b1, activates the knight, then is it possible to fork either white q or bshp?

  14. 14:14 knight can fork the queen and bishop is queen checks just move the king to safe square then black can check would be an option for prag and if bishop take queen then knight takes the queen would be a draw idk

  15. One humble request as a viewer, please do not publicize too much, which may lead to an extent of thrusting societal burden on them. Allow them with the space to breathe and be consistent Prides of our Nation! 🙏🙏

  16. @14:15 can’t pragg move knight to b3 protecting the queen and forking the queen and bishop? What’s wrong with this move?

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