World no.2 Caruana vs World no.1 Carlsen | Amazing queen endgame | Norway Chess 2024

Queen Endgames in chess are always very interesting, but there is one player who plays it better than everyone else – and that one person is none other than Magnus Carlsen. Magnus is often named as the GOD of endgame play. And in this game he showed his class, that too against one of the finest players out there – world no.2 Fabiano Caruana.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I thought caruana was offering a draw at some point which eventually made him lose . This is not the attitude fabi must show against world number one .😂

  2. The passion you have for this game is insane. Your channel is making chess viewership fun.

  3. Always best commentary. Superb. Otherwise it is difficult to understand the moves. Ty so mcuh sagar ji.

  4. I am feeling bad for caruana 😢

  5. Caruana always blundzrs in this type of moment, it's a clear weakness

  6. Do commentary for Vaishali game also pls😐

  7. Your channel is the best channel for chess. Your knowledge for the game and announcing skills are superior! Great work!

  8. 15:46 bad blunder from world top player.
    I think 90 % of GM-s would play 1. Qa2+ e2 2. Qf7 + Ke1 3. Qh5 .
    There is no progress for black . Black king is blocking promotion square and if it steps away 3…Kd1, then pawn is still pinned.White king is pretty safe moving between Kh1, Kh2 and Kg1 if black is checking with queen . White can dance here 50 moves, still no progress for black because black king is so open for checks as well and pinning the passer from Qh5 is always so annoying. Too bad we did not have that endgame, it would be interesting to know how long Carlsen would try after 3.Qh5 until he realizes that there is no win here. My guess he would give up after few moves and agree to draw, to continue this check and pin dance 50 more moves looks ridicilous

  9. NGL, I'm sad for Fabi bc when he's so fkn close to saving or winning a game, this happens in time trouble.

  10. This analysis series os absolutely awesome
    Please keep them coming Sagar

  11. So what is the difference between a fork and a double attack, and between an x-ray and a discovered attack?

  12. Hello sagar sir iam big fan of yourssss

  13. i love how i dont understand the transition from a drawn position to a drawn position. but the posibilities are changing constantly, i love it! at the end it was still "a draw" but he just had one move left, and this makes a great player. what i can understand, only when sagar is telling us :D. Keep it up Sagar shah, you and your team are doing a great job,!! <3<3<3

  14. Only chess commentary I enjoy, love this channel!

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