Worst Chess opening | Chess tactics


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  1. that's not worst it is the best the DAMIANO DEFENSE!!!

  2. Why pawn take pawn instead of queen take pawn that is already checkmate

  3. damiano defense which "forcibly loses" according to gothamchess, or levy.

  4. boncloud openning still the best.

  5. After night attacks queen its nust qeen takes g pawn checkmat right?

  6. Kg6 is a blunder, you can block with the pawn

    Damiano defense

  7. Damianooooooo also bro sacrificed the knighttttttttt!!!!!!!!!

  8. Its simple dmiano defense one of lines in standard kings pawn opening

  9. What if they played d5 when you checked with the light squared bishop because then you can’t give that check with the queen

  10. Damiano my goodness thank god its not bongcloud

  11. This is the damiano defense you can literally get crushed in less than 20 moves

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