xQc Gets Checkmated by MoistCr1tikal in 6 Moves! | Chess.com PogChamps

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xQc ( @xQcOW ) gets checkmated by MoistCr1tikal (@penguinz0) in 6 moves in Pogchamps Round 2 of the Chess.com tournament. Let’s just say the chess game didn’t last long. Prior to the game, MoistCr1tikal was coached by GM Daniel Naroditsky who told him to risk it and go for this quick checkmate against xQc and boy did it pay off. After non-stop trash talk from both players in the build-up, the result shocked the chess world, becoming the most-watched chess clip ever captured on Twitch within hours of the game’s completion.

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  1. I mean whats the point moving his knight to that place?

  2. unmuting charlie was the real blunder

  3. Hikaru's absoloute disbelief is probably my favorite part of this clip. He is completely lost for words

  4. i love hikaru’s reaction its just blue screen

  5. I seen this so much I knew exactly what critical was saying when he was muted

  6. I know almost nothing about chess… Why is this a check mate? Isn't supposed to happen when there's no escape for the king piece? I still see some space i think…

  7. You can see Charlie being like "XQC what the fuck are you doing?" 🤣

  8. It makes me laugh that it ends with Charlie asking about xQc's chat 😂 Hikaru's pure disbelief.

  9. Nice good job Charlie good job 👏 👏👏

  10. as if we needed more proof of xQc's brain deficiancies….lol

  11. hikaru is so talkative until someone blunders, then bro just shuts off as the self preservation mechanism kicks in

  12. Love how she does the smolder when xqc messes up.

  13. I can rewatch this for years and it will never stop be hilarious.

  14. I love that they left his celebration muted but decided to unmute him at the worst time ever.

  15. I like how Hikaru went silent immediately 😂

  16. I like how Hikaru just screen froze in real life, he couldn’t believe what he just saw

  17. Sad they had to censor him swearing because of YouTube’s shitty new guidelines.

  18. “We didn’t even reach a climax”

    Well… someone did.

  19. You know… Anand lost in 6 moves in a game…but theres a HUGE difference in the Anand game & this pogchamps game. 😛

  20. You know you've played well when even Hikaru is speechless

  21. i literally can hear yeaaaaaaaaa babyyyyyyyy wooooooo

  22. 0:59 ,Hikari was like , fuck someone sold my kidneys 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. i dont get how it works. arent you supposed to defeat the king as king and not the rook?

  24. that girl on the top right is so annoying get her out lmfao

  25. "so I'm not sure that I like the variational approach here-"

    xq instantly blunders

  26. Whoooooo, lets go thats what i am taking about

  27. critical looks like that penguin X0 piece of sh drama guy

  28. Alexandra: trying to cope with what just happened
    Hikaru: silent expression of shock

  29. Hikaru looks purely flabbergasted

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