xQc vs Papaplatte Chess Tournament

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  1. chat is so fucking braindead lmao, it's such a perfect example of dunning kruger

  2. xqc actually using his brain for once, wish he could use this much brain power when he has a take about something lul

  3. there is no way i believe he actually knows what hes doing lmao

  4. this is the scuffest picture i've ever seen from papaplatte on the thumbnail, it's probably 3 years old hahaha

  5. Papa lattes picture is older than his viewers

  6. I can’t believe that Mr cow beat a paper plate at chess

  7. i better not watch this just to have an edited version with both players comms uploaded to the main channel

  8. How is xqc this bad at chess after playing it for years

  9. Chat wants him to be cheating so badly it’s the most pathetic type of projection 😂

  10. this father guy has the weakest chin ive ever seen its worse than leafys non existent chin

  11. Mr Editor uploads getting less frequent monkaLaugh

  12. This was actually a crazy set of games with the finally being so tense

  13. he got so lucky tho that clutch and then the comeback, next match i hope he goes in the zone faster

  14. I was actually nervous for x for the first time.. he needs more practice, im really rooting for the juicewarlord. He has to think about the best moves, when he was fighting tyler1 he just kept moving quick, when he's got a lot of time.

  15. If only Mr Chair was still here, Mr. Cow wouldn't have lost a single game.

  16. "It's not a tournament, it's the chess equivalent of cavemen throwing feces at one another."

  17. This guy knows how to do interview himself 👿🥵😡

  18. danke crexpy für diese wunderbare bewegbildproduktion

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