You won’t BELIEVE this Chess Drama.

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  1. I havent ever given a fuck about chess, mostly cause I'm naturally good at lots of stuff and Im bad at it 😂 but watching this guy talk about it is entertaining.

  2. The rules assume that grandmasters respect the title enough to not pull this kind of thing. Given recently revelations about cheating etc, I think its clear that this is no longer the case. It's sad.

    If you believe that GMs respect the title then there shouldn't be a problem with this, unless the other GMs in the tournament against Firoujza throw their matches? Every player has the opportunity to organise tournaments in the same time frame

  3. Alireza desperate move smh 🤦‍♂️ with a BS tournament against old washed out GM what a joke

  4. Now I am so confused but i feel like now they cant do anything because of the backlash, and they maybe enforce rules next year regarding the tournaments being on the calendar sooner than later ಠ_ಠ 🤔

  5. I think Magnus should organize his own tournament called the Magnus Carlson Chess Spectacular where the winner gets named the "people's champ" and we all just recognize that the winner of that tournament is the true world champion

  6. prize money in chess is too small compare to other sports, imagine if fischer did not help elevate prizes in his time

  7. FIDE is clearly cherry picking what tournaments to allow. This is not right. Let the farmers race continue to the bitter end

  8. Как же леви пытается изображать английский акцент при произношении русских имён xd

  9. Firouzja isn''t going to win the Candidates anyway, so it shouldn't matter.

  10. One thing should be mentioned. A few years ago when they used aggregate rating, Giri chose not to participate to secure his position. The complaint being aggregate rating is a disincentive to play chess. One rating list, on the other hand, in a massive incentive to play chess. Whether you like it or not, getting top players to play is a good thing as we see in the flurry of activity.

    Watching Ding sit around like World Champions of old is not too exciting.

  11. Wesley is higher rated than Alireza after his tournament as his last match was drawn right?

  12. Aquí va una idea.

    Las reglas para calificar se designan al principio del año y se mantienen selladas hasta que ya no haya manera de ganar puntos para calificar, momento en que se hacen públicas.

    De esta manera todos los jugadores que aspiren al torneo darán el máximo a través del año, subiendo el nivel y la difusión del deporte. Ganando incluso sin participar del torneo.
    Al subir el nivel y la difusión, se consiguen más y mejores sponsors y medios, se eleva el nivel de competencia y todos ganan.

    Que les parece?

  13. Alireza did nothing wrong, FIDE relies too much on honor and not solid rules

  14. I'm usually cool with the clickbait titles but this title is straight up misleading lol

  15. Levi never fails to discuss in his videos

  16. This system is not problematic, it is just a complete joke 🤡

  17. I would not blame Wesley So for being upset about this. It seems very sussy even if it is by the (so called) rules.

  18. Oh God. Using the letter of the law against the spirit of the law.

  19. how about you moderate a debate between Kramnik, Danny, Nepo and Hikaru Boooooooom 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. 💯 Yup. The Tournament Calender must settled before December to avoid RATINGs FARMING for Candidates Positions or any of its Special Events to Gain personal motives for bigger outcomes in a short period of time.

  21. Suggestion: rename the FIDE Circuit to FIDE Circus.

  22. alogaritm on 5 turnements best performance

  23. It shouldn't be called the FIDE circuit at this point, it should simply be called the FIDE circus.

  24. FIDE, FIFA = we reserve the right to pretend that there is a fair process being monitored on our watch, while we exercise our arbitrary discretion and skim off a cut for doing so. That's "sport".

  25. You know how they say there's too much money in (men's) soccer and that ruins the game? I'd never thought I'd think the same thing about chess one day.

  26. US Fencing has this rule that says in order for a tournament to be sanctioned by USFA, it needs to be posted on a public site at least 30 days before it actually takes place (at least in some divisions). And only in sanctioned events can people earn ratings.

  27. isn't the whole invite system a little weird? for example, theoretically a player could be boycotted and not invited anywhere, and some players could farm rating like firouzja [because they only invited overrated (not in a negative way ig) veterans]. the invite system is very prone to rating manipulation / resource inequality.

    is there a reason why tournaments invites aren't just based on rating cutoffs / other obvious qualifications? (and posted a month or so in advance on some official fide website) and if too many people sign up, just pick top x by rating

  28. No spot should be opened to the best rating farmer. I think Kramnik agree xD

  29. folks give some charity "rating" work this season.

  30. FIDE should follow his own rules. Gukesh and Feruja made it.

    Magnus's claim is a joke. blitz should be not counted at all when we consider WCh matches.
    I think If a WCh match equal the higher ELO rated player should be crowned, no blitz and rapid can count.

  31. Hi Levi! Knowing that you speak and understand Russian you may be interested in a short exchange in Samarkand between Arkady Dvorkovich and Anish about these tournaments you mentioned, captured by Chessbase India. It is in this video at around 1:30

  32. Much ado about nothing. LOL This is just clickbait and the host should be ashamed of himself.

  33. The more chess become enterainment driven, as it is quickly becoming, the less it will depend on fairness and skill and more it will take on the values of the entertainment business. Money will quickly become more important than skill and the most veiws. Chess will become the WWF

  34. Chess tournaments late in the year should not be allowed to be held in the countries
    to make the citizens of the countries qualify.

    Tournaments should be declared early of the year.

    You cant just announce a tournament Dec 11 or hold a tournament inorder for a candidate to qualify.

  35. I agree with you, Levy!!! This is drama and doesn't seem to be fair to everyone…

  36. How about you give a solution rather than pointing to problems

  37. 2023 Laws of Chess:
    0.2 A necessary condition for a game to be rated by FIDE is that it shall be played according to the FIDE Laws of Chess.
    11.1 The players shall take no action that will bring the game of chess into disrepute.

    Taking part in a fake tournament to transfer points can be considered as a act that brings the game of chess into disrepute.
    So it all depends on did they play to win.

  38. 22:26 Magnus parody twitter account has a verified profile, Magnus real profile doesn't. What a joke Twitter has become

  39. I had a lol moment at 15:11 when I saw 'The Alireza Firouja Race to Candidates' round robin and him taking 5 points. But you can't blame him for that, it's like Levi said, 'don't hate the player, hate the game'. You see players in all sports worldwide use whatever loophole possible to eke out a marginal's competition…it's how sport evolves.

  40. What does he mean about what happened this year that means the USCF shouldn't be able to ask for anything?

  41. Just a typical america crying on the internet, everything is fair when america does it, but it isn't when others do it. haha Alireza played the rules, well played.

  42. Clickbait bull crap. Here to just kill your watch percentage.

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