You won’t see Magnus happier than this! | Carlsen vs Abdusattorov | Commentary by Sagar

It’s the final round of the World Blitz Championships 2022. If Magnus wins it he is the champion. Being the classical as well as the rapid champion, this would make him a triple world champion. However, standing between him and the finish line is one of his recent nemesis. The 18-year-old Uzbek prodigy is not one to be intimidated by Magnus’s achievements. Check out this thrilling final round of the event with fast paced commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 1:43 touch move Magnus, in the spiritual world of Chess, the mere task of adjusting a pawn can mean life or death

  2. the way hikaru looked behind to see who won the match😅❤

  3. where is the emotional moment!!?

  4. It will be after my life is over another will accomplish the Triple 👑. Bravo 🐐

  5. Im just wondering, if you win in this tour , does you get auto gm?

  6. Largest brain what more can i say congratulations idol

  7. Why our Indians brethren speak English like they have a very bad constipation

  8. Please download new video not this kind of video! Fy

  9. @9.11 Hikaru's Face to see Magnus win…… 🥲

  10. The disappointment on Hikaru's Face to see Magnus win 😂 @ 9:12

  11. Carlsen was knight up in final position and it would go even worse for black if he continued. Nxf6 + and Nd6 were deadly threats .Black was on brink of collapse .
    Excellent game. Errors in blitz are inevitable, but general rule is still the same as in other time controls : stronger player wins

  12. Why can't magnus chop the E5 pawn with his Knight @ 3:05 ?

  13. 1:45 He realised that rb8 hs been played so that he adjust piece😂

  14. Imagine if Sagar's commentary was done live…right there with the players😮📢

  15. Meanwhile Hikaru with his signature shirt in the background

  16. I like this commentator. It sounds like he's calling a horse-race.

  17. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Magnus was never the WORLD CHAMPION in classical or rapid even if Magnus was world CHESS champion in classical & rapid & blitz. Wesley So is the ONLY (classical) world champion in history. More info:

  18. 9:11 Hikaru looks at the clock and sees Abdusattorov's side of the clock is raised and knows that he resigned, follows to shake his head.
    That's what I surmised.

  19. Dirty stinky pajeet commentary ruined the game 🤮🚮

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